TapArt Launches Global Art Marketplace Showcasing Underrepresented Artists for U.S. Art Buyers

2022-04-30 00:15:00 - New York, United States - (PR Distribution™)

TapArt, an online art marketplace showcasing works by under-represented artists from over 30 emerging economies across Africa, Latin America, Asia, as well as the US and Europe, today announced the reintroduction of its online platform. Representing works by a diverse network of over 125 established, independent artists, TapArt’s global community offers U.S. art buyers a wide selection of previously unavailable, unique, and affordable wall art. TapArt artists retain all rights to their work and earn a competitive, 20%+ revenue share on all sales made on the platform. 

Founder and CEO Srikaran Masabathula states: “Our mission is to have a true impact on our world, not just on the lives of our artists, but on their greater communities as well. A single sale can support an artist, and sometimes their family, for a week or more in some regions of the world. We work diligently to ensure the manufacturing of all our products is done in the U.S. in a socially responsible, sustainable manner, using eco-friendly materials while eliminating wasteful boxing materials. We owe our growth not only to our dedicated staff and advisors but also to such supporting institutions as CARBON Group Global and CUNY Startups.”

TapArt’s impact by the numbers:

  • 700+ sq ft of recycled, eco-friendly canvas used to date.
  • 125+ artists served.
  • 30+ countries represented.
  • >200 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions conserved monthly.

Delivering a unique, immersive experience for art-lovers, TapArt’s digital platform showcases collections by talented artists. Its proprietary artists portal allows for an easy, seamless onboarding process for artists, who using their smartphones, transform their physical work into digital designs they upload to the TapArt platform. Artists can add descriptions and articulate their journeys and stories behind the artwork and simultaneously track sales and commissions. Through the combination of TapArt’s network of affiliates spread across four continents, and its simple artist portal, even artists from remote regions can take advantage of TapArt’s platform, and with just the use of a smartphone.

TapArt partners with select affiliates worldwide who seek talented artists from emerging and developed economies with little or no exposure to the U.S. art market. For U.S. art lovers, TapArt delivers an unparalleled experience when connecting buyers with underrepresented artists and offering immersive insight into the artist’s background, inspirations, and styles of work. Whether enjoyed by hotel guests in their rooms, across a hotel environment, in a corporate business site, or during virtual fireside chats with artists, TapArt’s diverse global art collection introduces and engages artists with art buyers in a personal dialogue–as one global village at various touchpoints.

About TapArt

Founded by a group of art enthusiasts in New York City, TapArt’s mission is to empower unknown artists to monetize their talents while making art accessible to everyone by making a transformative impact on artists’ lives and their communities around the globe. TapArt is committed to building the world’s most diversely representative, vibrant artists’ community, facilitating art-lovers access to a vast array of affordable art options for residential, corporate, and commercial buyers. For more information on TapArt visit, https://www.tapart.io/ or contact [email protected].io. Follow TapArt on Pinterest and Instagram.

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