Tayo Reed's Performing Arts Center & Preschool Academy Honored With Multiple Regional Awards.

2019-04-11 17:03:55 - United States, Georgia, Atlanta - (PR Distribution™)

Tayoartology Advanced Method Of Teaching surpasses Georgia Milestones and Pre-k Programs. Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts Center dancers competed with other dance studios worldwide in the Starpower Dance Competition at the Georgia World Congress Center in down town Atlanta, the third largest convention center in the United States, on March 22, 2019. The Founders of the Starpower are Gary Pate who appeared on the hit TV Shows, Star Search, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and performed at the White House for three U.S. Presidents, NFL and NBA halftime shows and Grace Wakefield Founder and Director 35 years, taught all styles of dance and choreographed many famous musicals such as the wizard of oz, Guys and Dolls, and My Fair Lady. This was the first time Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts Center dancers competed at this dance competition. “Our dancers were extremely excited and nervous, but they remembered what we teach all the time, to dance from your heart and soul with confidence because you are already a winner no matter what happens, and this is an opportunity and different platform to share your gifts and talents dancing on the same stage as other talented and gifted dancers your age,” said Dr. Tayo Reed, CEO. The 11 to 13 year old students from Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts Center Competition Duet Dancers were awarded the following, including top high score awards, in each of their dance style entries for every performance on the novice level. The novice level are dancers who have been taking dance a maximum of three years. Our awards received during the awards ceremony immediately after all performances were the Rising Stars Special Award - Novice , 1st Place - Lyrical Duet - Novice , 1st Place - Modern Duet - Novice , 1st Place - Tap Duet - Novice , 1st Place - 5 Stars Perfect Score Lyrical Solo - Novice. All dances were choreographed by Dr. Tayo Reed except the Tap Dance. The Hit TV Show “Dance Moms” with Director Abby Lee also had students who have competed in the same dance competition from 2011 - 2017 and was shown on TV during season one in 2010 - 2011. Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts Center took home four 1st place trophies from the Worldwide renown Starpower Dance Competition. On March 30, 2019 the following weekend, at the Byers Theatre that seats 1,070 in Sandy Springs, Georgia, the Preschoolers competed in the StarQuest Dance Competition founded by Steve and Kathy Wappel with over 60 years combined in theatre, dance, choreographing musicals, and stage productions. Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts "Preschool" established in 2014, is an extension of the, “performing arts center” celebrating 23 years serving the community and 30 years in entertainment, teaching and choreographing. Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts Preschool is a faith based, educational, performing arts, advanced and accredited academy by the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) with Quality High Standards for ages 1 years to Kindergarten. Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts Preschool recently turned 3 to 5 years competed with dancers up to 8 years old and the advanced Preschoolers won top three overall in the competition and many other awards also including the Gold Top High Score in all their dance styles. “I was shocked how much everyone cheered and enjoyed both of Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts Preschool Academy rhythm tap and lyrical dance performances,” said Darlene Thomas, a grandparent with two students enrolled, seating in the theatre and also engaged in the roar of cheers. During the awards ceremony the same day Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts Preschoolers won the, “Odyssey Award “from StarQuest Dance Competition, a Special Award for the most memorable and entertaining in the Petite division for 8 years and under. In additional to the following awards: Best Costume - 8 years & under - Petite, High Score Gold - 8 years & Under - Petite Tap, High Score Gold - 8 years & Under - Petite Lyrical, High Score Gold - 8 years & Under - Petite Soloist, The Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts Center youth division ages 11 to 13 years also competed this weekend winning High Score and Top 3 - Lyrical Duet - Nova, Top 3 - Modern Duet - Nova, Top 3- Tap Duet - Nova, Top 3 - Lyrical Solo - Nova and Best shapes - Nova. Nova students take dance up to 4 hours a week. For over three decades, visionary Dr. Tayo Reed, Community Faith Based, Educational and Performing Arts Youth Program Developer has worked with thousands of children to cultivate their natural abilities. The non traditional Preschool integrated with Arts and Academics compete in competitions to demonstrate and show, the level, the styles, and the diverse technical dance taught is on a competitive level verses recreational, creative moment in the classroom, and the basic baby ballet and tap classes. The trailblazing and rising fine arts preschool has proven toddlers and prek should not be limited by milestones or separated from older children who contribute to the development and growth rapidly. The unique childcare academy, Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts "Preschool" specializes in the performing arts under the umbrella of Tayo Reed’s “Performing Arts Center.” The concept is the first of its kind in America. The Early Learning Childcare Provider, Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts Preschool is set apart from your traditional childcare services by having a foundation of 30 years in entertainment and the performing arts. Being able to provide childcare as a licensed provider separates Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts “Center” from other Performing Arts Centers and dance schools. The secret to the preschoolers success in dance competitions and becoming brilliant scholars is the advanced exclusive teaching methods called, “Tayoartology" developed in 1988 when the Director and Founder, Dr. Tayo Reed graduated from Avondale High School, Dekalb Center of Performing Arts, in Avondale Estates, Georgia. The advanced curriculum contributes to the preschool brain learning faster than the average preschooler. The milestones for preschoolers in America is much lower and far behind compared to other countries. According to the Center for American Progress, the United States is far behind other countries on Pre-K, reported by Juliana Herman is a Policy Analyst with the Education Policy team at the Center for American Progress, Sasha Post is Special Advisor to CAP President and CEO Neera Tanden, and Scott O’Halloran, an intern with the Education team at the Center. Last year, on April 18, 2018, W. Steven Barnett, a Board of Governors professor, founder and senior co-director of the National Institute for Early Education Research at Rutgers University, Mark K. Shriver, CEO of Save the Children Action Network and senior vice president of US programs and advocacy at Save the Children wrote on CNN "When it comes to early childhood education, the United States needs to step up." Dr. Tayo Reed, has the solution that will improve the learning of all preschoolers across America especially in low income families in Union City, Georgia and other states. The answer is to eliminate learning through play completely and the inability to teach academics and reading proficiently starting in all preschools, increase the mile stones which are below average, and change keeping the toddlers separate from preschoolers. When toddlers are combined with preschoolers its been proven they will learn and maintain knowledge. The All-In-One Parent Resource at Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts Center and Preschool Academy of Arts gives students the opportunities to soar beyond the walls of a preschool and youth programs confined to a public school building. Teachers, Staff, and Parents are looking forward to the upcoming competitions in May 2019. Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts Center and the Preschool Academy of Arts has made an impact in the areas of dance, music, voice, drama, summer camp, after school enrichment, childcare services and recitals. The year 2019 is the breakthrough year of the innovative performing arts center since 2011 - 2012 winning 1st place in Modern, Lyrical, Hip hop, and Contemporary Dance with our advanced teen dance company from Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts Center in the Bravo and Showstoppers Dance Competitions. The excitement of announcing the new preschool, junior and teen competition dance teams is annually each fall, after auditions during the summer camp. 

Learn more about the Preschool visit: www.TayoReedPerformingArtsPreschool.org Learn more about the Performing Arts Center visit: www.TayoReedPerformingArtsCenter.org

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