Team G-FIT Client Wins US$50,000 in North American Weight-Loss Challenge

2019-04-26 12:19:20 - Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg - (PR Distribution™)

Team G-FIT client loses over 50 pounds and wins 1st Phorm’s US$50,000 8-week Spring Sprint TransPHORMation Challenge, beating over 40,000 applicants, making him the Canadian to win the competition.


WINNIPEG, April 26, 2019 /CNW/ - Team G-FIT client is the winner of 1st Phorm’s 8-week Spring Sprint TransPHORMation Challenge, winning US$50,000. Their client Kevin Miller lost over 50 pounds in 66 days to become the first Canadian to win the contest, beating over 40,000 applicants from around North America. 


“Grant gave me all the tools I needed not only to compete and win the challenge but also create a sustainable long-term lifestyle change. I feel educated with the right habits and a strategy to build my metabolism so that I can keep the weight off forever,” said Miller.


“We’re thrilled that we had the opportunity to work with Kevin and experience such a high level of success on a North American scale. His transformation was life changing and we hope that he inspires others to take action and invest in their own health,” said Grant Reid, Founder and CEO of Team G-FIT


Team G-FIT has experienced an incredible amount of success with their clients, taking a personalized and easy-to-follow approach to nutrition while focusing on positive habits and behaviors. Sustainable and created with long-term success in mind, their approach has been proven and tested with clients of all experience levels, ranging from weight-loss clients just starting at the gym to competitive athletes looking to improve their performance.


“Statistics show that only 5% of people who go on a weight-loss diet are able to lose weight and keep it off. More than half of the remaining 95% not only regain the weight they’ve lost but also put on more weight,” said Reid. “These figures are extremely alarming. It is our goal as an organization to ensure that our clients are a part of this 5%. However, our mission is so much more than maintaining a healthy weight. It is to help people live a better and longer life.”


More information about Team G-FIT and their fitness programs is available here.



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Team G-FIT designs customized and practical Nutrition and Exercise Plans based on their clients’ goals, lifestyle, and dietary preferences. Offered online across North America, their programs include weekly check-ins, monthly video assessments and unlimited communication. The company has helped thousands of individuals lose weight, and more importantly, keep it off.

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