Tech Startup Launches Digital Media Referral Network

04/12/2017 14:00 - NEW YORK, NY - (PR Distribution™)

Q1 2017, Arcane Strategies, a cloud support and product development company, launches the Arcane Partner Network, offering referrals, maximum up-time, and hosting discounts to small and mid-sized digital media agencies.

U.S. businesses are breaking records in digital ad spend in 2017, on pace for $77 billion nationwide in 2016 (according to eMarkerter.com data). Fortune magazine calculates Amazon's digital ad spend at 91% of their marketing budget in 2015, following Etsy's 94% and beating Apple's 85%.  While this is great news for digital media agencies, avoiding dead ad spend is proving costly to agencies who subsidize the costs of full-time engineers. Arcane's Partner Network plans to remedy this with flate rate unlimited support on a 24/7 SLA, supporting all of your clients' hosts with automated backups and monitoring, proactive maintenance, and below market costs.

According to cloudendure.com's survey of the top 100,000 most visited websites in the U.S., despite high tech budgets, a total 82% experienced betwen ~9 hours and 3+ days of downtime in 2016.  Based on eMarketer's 2017 forecasts and cloudendure.com's downtime figures, an estimated $340 million in digital ad spend are promoting dead websites among the U.S's top tech budgets. When factoring leads from organic search and the average business's (lower) budgets, downtime has a significant impact upon cost per acquisition (CPA) and conversion metrics that agencies' rely upon to demonstrate their value in retaining contracts.

With Arcane’s Partner Network (APN), these agencies benefit from wholesale rates, reducing their costs for full-time engineers, and allowing them to focus on marketing without concern for declining success metrics. As an added benefit, APN also offers quailified leads to partner network members, in an effort to give Arcane clients the best services and maintain long-term contracts with mutual clients.

Membership to the Partner Network is free and requires no long term commitment. It includes discounted rates on 24/7 Cloud Support, referrals for design, architecture, build and marketing, free SLA upgrades, DevOps licensing and customer loyalty discounts.

To learn more about the Partner Network, contact Arcane Strategies at 917-946-4139 or visit their website at www.arcanestrategies.com

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