Techees Recruiting Celebrates 10 Years of Ideal Career Placements

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  United States, California, San Francisco - 07/17/2019 - Techees Recruiting (, which specializes in placing software professionals in the Bay Area, is celebrating 10 years of success. Brianna Rooney, the CEO and Founder, originally started Techees because she saw a need in quality recruiting. 

“Our industry has had the worst reputation for way too long. What we do is very powerful and important. Not only to the candidate we find a new, exciting career for, but for the companies that need the right engineer, and/or leaders to get their product built the fastest and the best,” Rooney says.

The Bay Area in California has over 40% of all High-tech Venture Capitalist funding. The best of the best engineers still flock to innovate and make it big. 

About this, and Techees home in the Bay Area, Rooney says, “We have specialized in Silicon Valley/SF the whole time and will continue. There are other regions that are starting to pick up popularity, but we’ll stay true to the Bay Area. I don’t want to spread us too thin. Branching out to other areas is something we can and have done for our ‘preferred client list’ but it’s not something we specialize in. At the end of the day, recruiting is recruiting and we’re good at our job. In theory, we can do it anywhere, I’ve even placed someone in Nashville. The Bay Area has something special and will continue to be home to the top tech companies. I love being able to work with the best, most fast paced, innovative and high-growth companies in the World.” 

Over the last 10 years, the tech industry has really grown and seen a lot of IPOs in recent years. There has been a lot of money poured into hiring. With a shortage in software engineering professionals, an extreme shortage in diversity engineers/execs and an unemployment rate of 1.8%, companies are finding it harder and harder to land good and diverse talent. Recruiters are a staple in the Bay Area. Not only through contingency, container or retainer, most companies have built an in-house team as well. 

“The biggest challenge we have is making sure the client is truly ready to hire with the right plan of attack. I see a lot of very broken hiring processes. For the most part, people are open to me helping. Other times, there’s too much red tape and/or people in the way. Finding the right candidate for the right client very quickly is something Techees is great at. I’d actually say, fine tuning a client’s hiring process is something we’re even better at. That is our competitive edge over any other recruiting firm,” Rooney states. 

Techees Recruiting was always used to recruiting for smaller companies that just got their first round of funding. However, in the last few years, they have tackled some very high-profile and high-growth companies.

Rooney reflects, “I think as the Bay Area is starting to grow up, so is Techees. When I first started, I didn’t think my team would have been able to handle such high volume and high quality. With the help of my Chief Growth Officer, Emily Stellick, we’ve been able to not only handle it all, but really have some great success.”

Techees Recruiting takes training recruiters to the next level. Last year, Rooney, Stellick and Ben Markowitz created a training course that brought Techees’ values and tactics together. In fact, it’s two courses. One is a recruiting boot camp and the other is a recruiting accelerator course. They wanted to make sure it helped people at all stages. Rooney got to use it this year with 6 new hires. 

“I knew we had our training well organized and the course was professionally done. I heard great feedback from people that took it, yet I hadn’t used it in my own office until this year. It was amazing! I had only ever trained two people at once, this time it was six. I couldn’t believe how great it worked,” Rooney says, adding, “Besides having to hear my voice a bunch, I loved it.”

Techees doubled in team size this year and will be opening their third office this summer. They have no plans of slowing down. 

Stellick says, “I feel it would be irresponsible of us to not continue to hire at this point. What allows us to keep growing at such a fast pace is our comprehensive training program. We’re investing heavily in developing our sourcers so we can continue to bring the highest value to our clients.”


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