Teenage Engineering Announces Exclusive Amazon Partnership with Quantum Networks

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - United States, New York, New York - (PR Distribution™)

Audio company, Teenage Engineering, joins forces with online retailer, Quantum Networks, to completely revitalize their Amazon presence.


The Swedish electronics manufacturer, Teenage Engineering, has been pushing the envelope in music creation since 2007 with their modern, design-oriented synthesizers. The brand has been gaining attention for their youthful, slightly rebellious style that evokes the playfulness of a teenager, while also delivering the quality that musicians require. A wide range of artists have used Teenage products to elevate their music, from Bon Iver and Beck to Swedish House Mafia. The brand has managed to attract a robust audience, yet their Amazon presence did not accurately reflect their success.


Mastering online marketplaces is vital, with Amazon alone collecting 50% of all US online sales.  As Teenage grew in success, dozens of third-party dealers vyed to sell their products on Amazon. Increased sellers created challenges for the brand, including price fluctuations, duplicate listings, and overall brand misrepresentation; ultimately leading Teenage to miss out on millions of dollars in Amazon sales each year. Aware of these issues, Teenage selected Quantum Networks as their exclusive partner to manage their entire Amazon US presence, sales channel, and inventory. Quantum is proud to be the lone seller of Teenage’s products on Amazon, and has optimized current listings with Enhanced Brand Content, cleaned up duplicate product pages, developed advertising campaigns, and created a storefront where Teenage’s full product mix can be found.


“Teenage’s coveted products and branding style are unlike any other, so to see their company so misrepresented on Amazon was something we immediately knew we could help with. The blend of product innovation from Teenage and marketplace expertise from Quantum made this partnership a home run,” says Brand Manager, Elaina Anastasio.


Teenage Engineering has seen amazing success through collaborations with IKEA and clothing brand, Cheap Monday - to name a few. Most recently, Teenage collaborated with Warner to release their schwiftiest Pocket Operator model to-date, the Rick & Morty edition. Quantum spearheaded its Amazon launch, creating vibrant images and copy that encapsulates the genius of a Rick & Morty synthesizer. In under a month, the listing was ranked Amazon’s #1 New Release, a testament to the effectiveness of this exclusive partnership.


“We needed our brand represented correctly on the largest of platforms, Amazon.com, and our long term partner of 4+ years has done that. Full speed ahead with Quantum Networks”, says Teenage Engineering’s Director of Sales, Simon Curtis.


“I’m thrilled that we are able to represent such a momentous brand like Teenage Engineering. Our team will carry out their prestige and bring their Amazon sales and presence to new heights,” says Jonathan Goldman, Quantum Network’s President. 


Check out Teenage Engineering’s new Amazon storefront here, and find their products on Amazon.com or their website. Quantum Networks' Rick & Morty Pocket Operator bundle that includes a case, batteries, and AUX cables, can be found here.


About Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering is a Swedish consumer electronics company and manufacturer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Its products include electronics and synthesizers, with its core product being the OP-1 synthesizer. They are known for their small yet powerful products, often packed with features that may not be evident at first glance, thanks to their quirky yet minimalistic style. Recently, Teenage Engineering has launched collaborations with musicians and television shows, including the new PO-137 Rick & Morty Pocket Operator.



About Quantum Networks

Quantum Networks is a New York City-based online retailer and digital marketing agency representing over 100 brands on the world's largest online marketplaces. An e-commerce authority with 10 years of the most cutting-edge expertise, Quantum Networks has cultivated a core mastery of Amazon, where it is also a Top 200 seller. Providing one-on-one brand management and a clear preservation of brand identity, the company executes full optimization of brands’ Amazon presence. As an e-tailer, Quantum Networks is revolutionizing a premium shopping experience with its solution-based Blucoil bundles, adding value for brands and customers alike.


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