Temperature Pre-Screening Security Cameras Now Available at HD Cameras USA

2020-08-05 15:52:51 - 2750 Taylor Ave suite a-7, Orlando, FL 32806 - (PR Distribution™)

Are you ready to reopen? Temperature Pre-Screen Procedure is essential for any business to ensure the safety of staff and customers. HD Cameras USA has the solution for you. 

The different applications for the temperature screening thermal cameras are: 

Church: For lots of people it's important to attend churches on Sunday. Most churches have a small door or entrance and hundreds of people can take a long time to get in . Use HD Cameras USA temperature screening thermal solution to monitor people body temperatures at the entrance to protect the whole community's health without having to individually screen each attendees body temperature. 

School: At the school's entrance is an important location to screen abnormal temperatures. But one must consider the dense flow of students, screening procedure needs to be fast and efficient. Using our fast and reliable temperature cameras will avoid crowding or extra commotion among the crowd of students and faculty.

Hospitals: Hospitals see large numbers of ill people or visitors, all going in and out everyday. The entrance is one of the most important locations of the hospital and everyone needs to pass by it. 

Corporations: Corporations like Apple have purchased several temperature screening systems for various campuses to ensure the health and safety of returning employees. As the reopening starts, more and more companies will have the same needs

Some features of the temperature screening cameras are: 

Information Recording & Alarm Pushing
Abnormal Temperature Alarm are recorded in the NVR and will be pushed to NVMS & App at the same time.

Visualized Bi-spectrum Live View
The visualized bi-spectrum (thermal & optical) live view provides both temperature measurement and basic surveillance at the same time.



  • Mountable on tripod/pole or building structure for temporary or long-term use
  • Accuracy of ±0.5°C (±0.9°F)
  • Integrated 4 MP optical camera satisfies normal monitoring requirement

About HD Cameras USA

  • HD Cameras USA was founded in 2014
  • The main focus of the business is to provide high quality security camera equipment and installation. Too many cheap packages were been sold online and at retail stores only for profit but without the customer in mind (We even made a video explaining just that)

  • HD Cameras USA has expanded into different florida regions but started in Orlando first and that's where the headquarters is located.
  • HD Cameras USA has offices in Orlando, Tampa, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville and West Palm Beach. The Jacksonville office is very recent with less than 1 year in operation and it's starting to gain traction in the northern Florida market now, meanwhile we only just opened the West Palm Beach location which is still part of our central Florida sales team territory, but soon will became part of one unified South Florida team once HD Cameras USA opens up offices in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.
  • In Today's age its very important to be state licensed and insured, our company has a Specialty Low Voltage License and a two million dollar liability insurance making sure our clients are protected by anything that can go wrong in a project.
  • HD Cameras USA highly believes that having immediate response to service calls within each region is crucial for the business success so our technicians are always travelling the I-4 the Florida's Turnpike and the I-95.
  • Although the name is related to cameras, throughout the years we have became experts in all Low Voltage related, we also offer structured wiring for data and networking using the latest CAT6 and CAT8 cabling, access control systems for businesses and different sound and speaker systems for bars, restaurants, schools etc

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