Texas Law Firm Creates A Free Pothole Reporting App To Clean Up Texas Streets With More Visability/Accountability

2019-07-11 12:49:09 - United States, Texas, Fort Worth - (PR Distribution™)

A bad pothole can wreak havoc on a vehicle. The average auto repair bill for pothole damage is roughly $306. However, vehicle damage isn’t the only thing drivers have to worry about. Potholes can cause life threatening accidents with horrible long-term consequences. 


Both drivers and municipal governments alike need better insight into where potholes exist so that they can be addressed in a timely manner. While some cities like Dallas have an online reporting tool, many like Waco and Corpus Christi still rely on a hotline that residents must dial in to. 


“Our drive for creating this app started when we tried to obtain local pothole data for analysis and found that it wasn’t immediately available to us,” said Travis Patterson. “Potholes are a major safety concern for drivers throughout Texas and we feel all drivers should have access to data to know where large potholes exist and if/when they’re being addressed.” 


The attorneys at Patterson Law Group saw a need for more online visibility into local potholes and developed a pothole reporting tool from scratch. Users can visit the app and submit a pothole with just a few clicks. Photos can be submitted to show the extent of damage to the roads and all submitted potholes are available via a list view and a map view. Patterson Law Group will be working on developing relationships with local municipalities so that respective street maintenance offices can receive alerts whenever a pothole is submitted in their city. Potholes can be marked as fixed either by the city or residents. 


You can view the pothole reporting tool here. The firm is hoping this tool will ignite more interest in promoting better roads for all drivers. The tool should also empower Texas residents to be able to take action in eliminating local potholes. Making the reporting process easier will reduce the amount of time it takes to get potholes fixed. The pothole reporting tool was developed for all of Texas, so feedback and input are highly encouraged. The firm would like to make this tool accessible and easy for all to use.


About Patterson Law Group: Patterson Law Group is a personal injury law firm based out of Fort Worth that seeks to provide justice to all those who have been injured. Outside of helping accident victims, Patterson Law Group also advocates for better driving habits and road policies to make Texas roads a safer place for all drivers. To learn more, click here

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