That is Enough! Of Healthcare Incivility

2019-06-13 12:28:38 - United States, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh - (PR Distribution™)

The wait is over! Dr. Renee Thompson’s book, Enough! Eradicate Bullying & Incivility in Healthcare: Strategies for Front Line Leaders has released and is the resource front line leaders need to address the issue of bullying and incivility in healthcare organizations. 

Enough! Is the guide for healthcare leaders who are sick of bad behavior disrupting their workplace! Let’s be honest…. Bullying, incivility, and interpersonal conflict consume more of leader’s time than anything else. While leaders want to cultivate a professional workplace, they struggle to deal effectively with disruptive behaviors. Since healthcare leaders are unsure about how to deal with bad behavior, they do what’s comfortable–they do nothing. It’s not that they’re incapable or unconcerned; it’s that they’re not equipped with the essential skills to deal with disruptive behavior. Their education and organization have failed to prepare them.  That changes today.

By sharing true stories and 25+ years or expertise, Dr. Renee Thompson teaches leaders to recognize bullying and incivility behaviors, and then gives specific practical strategies to eliminate them. Dr. Thompson provides harsh reminders of the problem we’ve known about for years but have failed to address and solve. Enough! This book is truly a roadmap for leaders to finally put an end to these insidious behaviors. Armed with the strategies she offers in this book; leaders will be equipped to finally stop the cycle of nurse bullying and incivility. 

  It’s about time someone figured out a solution to this problem. Renee Thompson has done just that in this important resource for every healthcare leader.

 LeAnn Thieman,

 author, Chicken Soup for the Soul for Nurses series


  Founder, Self-care for Healthcare ™





Finally, Enough! is her to guide leaders along a new path. 

Here’s what healthcare leaders can expect to learn:

  - How to identify behaviors that undermine a healthy workforce culture

  - How to set behavioral expectations and hold employees accountable

  - Practical and powerful techniques to confront disruptive behaviors

  - Action steps to hardwire healthy workforce best practices into the fabric of your department

  - Four initiatives to address bullying and incivility in healthcare.

Front line leaders can’t afford to ignore the negative impact disruptive behaviors have on the financial health of their organization, the physical and emotional health of their employees, and the health of the patients they serve. The good news is that don’t have to!

Dr. Renee Thompson is a sought-after speaker, author, consultant, and leading authority on creating healthy workforces by eliminating bullying and incivility. With 28 years as a clinical nurse, nurse educator, quality manager, and nurse executive, Dr. Thompson is an expert on workplace bullying, and spends the majority of her time working with healthcare organizations that want to cultivate a healthy workforce. 

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