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Depression, anxiety, mental and emotional stress are on the rise, but it doesn’t have to be. On this week’s episode of Soulfire Life Society, host Ali Craig breaks it down on what societal shift is causing the noted increases in depression, anxiety, and overall stress, the #1 mindset shift to help reduce anxiety, and how reconnecting with your Soulfire® can help you thrive again. 

Living your Soulfire® means that you are in the flow of your unique divine purpose. Together host, Ali Craig, helps you (re)discover your unique Soulfire®, show you how to integrate it into your everyday life, evolve you, your relationships, and support each other by truly transforming your life from the mundane to the jaw-dropping magnificent moments you are dreaming of.

Soulfire® is all about (rediscovering) your soul’s purpose so that you can find it, live it, be it, do it, feel it, become it every single day - in every single way.

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