The Ability to Work Remotely is Transforming the Future of Real Estate

2021-08-12 17:19:35 - United States, Florida, Fort Lauderdale - (PR Distribution™)

Renters have new expectations and priorities, and are looking for better ways to utilize their newly found flex time offered by working online.

If you could work-from-anywhere - where would it be? Why pick just one? The cool thing about working remotely is being able to do it from a variety of places!

Many companies aren't requiring you to come into an office anymore or have created a hybrid model that involves a flexible schedule and only requires you to come in for an occasional meeting, with the rest of the time being remote. But what good is more time if you're not making the most of it?

Reports show that remote work rates in some occupations exceed 80%, a built-in work-from-anywhere option has become increasingly desirable. "CEOs will prioritize business models that are digital and flexible" Source: PwC, CEO Panel Survey.

What does that mean for the future of residential real estate? There is no doubt that the global health crisis, economic and climate conditions incited a new cultural boom in the way many people desire to live, work and socialize has changed - with nature, wellbeing and community foremost in mind.

Aashna Living is building a network of wellness-focused eco-communities with co-working zones included to help you make the best of your newly found flex time. You'll have the ability to bounce around, share remote workstations and eco-living spaces in incredible resort-like destinations across the country. Staying domestic will also keep traveling for an "in-office" meeting or visiting family or friends in the U.S. relatively simple. 

Aashna's Founder Stephanie O'Brien states, she realizes travel time and meetings could leave little space for exercise, socializing or leisure activities, needed to ease the stress of commuting, but says, not to worry - they've placed wellbeing, fun, and unforgettable experiences high on the priority list.

Aashna living is launching an innovative membership housing and social club model where one will be able and make use of their flexible locations options on a whole new level.


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