The Future of Global Press Release Distribution Service: or PRWeb

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  LOS ANGELES, CA - 01/10/2019 (

Before the internet was easily accessible to the mass public, television/radio, newspaper, and magazines were the only media vendors that were used to share news or any information about a business/organization. With the globalization and gradual development of the digital marketing world, people are currently relying on press release distribution services to get valuable information out to the mass public.

There are indeed a vast number of companies who claim to offer global press release distribution services, however, very few are able to succeed in providing a solid exposure that benefits the customer. In order to submit a press release, PRWeb, and Easy Newswire are some of the companies that provide pr(press release) distribution services.

Press Release Jet was rebranded as in mid-2017 and was named as “Best SEO Tools for 2017”. This company is leading the pr distribution industry and offering single pr distributions plans from $69 to $299. The Premium Pro single pr distribution Plan costs $129 which ensures distribution to more than 375 media outlets that include top-tier media outlets such as FOX, Forbes, ABC, NBC, CBS etc. Customers will see their press release in the news section and will get Google, Bing and, Yahoo! Inclusion no matter what plan they select.

PRWeb is owned by Cision and a competitor of PRWeb single distribution plans cost between $99 to $389, the $389 Premium PRWeb distribution being the most valued plan that ensures to make a press release “Go Viral”. After paying a $99 additional charge, customers can request an urgent press release. PRWeb offers an add-on to tweet a press release from SocialPost, customers need to pay $99 more.

The most valued PRWeb Premium pr distribution service guarantees to make your press release “go viral’. Making anything viral is never an easy task and PRWeb promises to make a news viral without sharing any information about the distribution network or even how many media outlets might pick up the press release. To evaluate their promise, some of the recent PRWeb press release headlines were searched on Google. The results were contrary to what PRWeb claims to provide and seems like they don’t even make it to the second page of Google. This can be frustrating for someone who paid such a high price only to see their press release on the PRWeb news section, where they were expecting a global press release distribution service.

Now In 2019, is the best and most cost-effective global press release distribution service provider that is diligently providing customers with that satisfying experience and a healthy ROI(return on investment).

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