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2022-11-01 19:00:00 - Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States - (PR Distribution™)
Roofers can now give accurate quotes instantly on their website

Nov. 1, 2022 -- Each year over five million homes in the U.S. get a new roof. That means a roofing project is complete about every 6.3 seconds. It's no wonder that efficiency drives innovation in this space. In an industry where paper contracts, hand measurements, and product sample boards have evolved into e-signatures, aerial measurements, and 3D visualizations, roofing contractors have clearly embraced technology that’s designed to save time and improve the customer experience.

Now roofers have a new tool in their digital belts. Introducing Roof Quote PRO™, the instant estimation and lead generation tool that gives reliable quotes for curated roofing products at record speed directly on their website.

With a simple address, homeowners can get a realistic quote and see up to eight product options with record speed (just mere seconds) from any contractor who uses Roof Quote PRO™. The tool can be embedded on any page on their website or as a sticky button slide-out similar to a chat widget.

The $350 monthly subscription includes a Pro Portal that offers lead reporting and a beautifully designed interface for configuring products, pricing, and branding. Clients can add additional markets at $50 per month, giving them the ability to show products and pricing differently based on location.

Roof Quote PRO™ is the first tool of its kind and the core software product that ROOFLE will use in accomplishing its mission. The company is heavily committed to enhancing the product based on its rapidly growing community of users’ feedback and feature requests. 

About ROOFLE, Inc.

ROOFLE was founded in January 2020 by a hive mind of leaders in marketing, sales, production, and software engineering, each with deep and broad knowledge and experience in the home services industry.  With millions into development the team has captured the attention of industry giants, spending the last few years perfecting the process of selling roofs digitally around the country with a mission to revolutionize the industry by empowering local pros to do the same. 

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