The IPWeb, Original Blockchain Distributed storage system Product by Japan

2019-04-05 13:19:01 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

Today’s Internet platforms are centralized and they place the servers in the data center. 

The power consumption is very high to build a data center, which is very costly and not energy efficient.

Also the data center has week pointabout hackingAttacks, accidents and disasters can cause large-scale server crashes.

the popularization of 5G technology and the rapid improvement of communication speed, the distributed storage will gradually replace the centralized storage. A new Internet generation will follow.

IPWeb will bethe pioneer in the field of distributed storage. Our goal is to build a P2P-based open Internet platform that includes data storage and next-generation Internet communication protocols.

basic principle of distributed storage is to divide a file becomefragmentsand store them encrypted on different nodes. Only the users who obtain the key can download and restore the file normally.

IPWeb incorporates the redundancy technology so that the files can be completely recovered even if 30% to 70% of the fragments become lost or the nodes are down.

Users participating in the IPWeb ecosystem can “mining” in a variety of ways. Users can download the software from the IPWeb official website and install it on their computer or mobile phone to become a network node.

They can also purchase special mining machines provided by IPWeb, and easily get the storage incentives given by the network every day.

IPWeb originated in Japan, with research and development team from all over the world. The team has extensive experience in the field of blockchain, distributed storage, cryptography, communications and more.

We have succeeded in breaking through all kinds of technical difficulties. You can see the test version of IPWeb and the operation of the platform intuitively from the official website.

The IPWeb test network is running normally, nodes are constantly increasing, and now a new block is generated every 3 seconds.


We also provide a distributed storage browser that can implement the IPWeb communication protocol.

The biggest difference from the traditional Internet is that each file is implemented as a hash address.

IPWeb technology will reshape the Internet ecosystem and cover search, streaming media, content, smart TV, web, mobile terminals and other fields.

IPWeb has successfully implemented the world's first distributed storage-based protocol, browser and application, which will challenge the centralized Internet system in the future.

IPWeb is a new generation of Internet based on distributed storage.



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