The Kratom Store Launches The Online Shopping Experience

2021-06-15 17:24:15 - United States, California, San Diego - (PR Distribution™)

LA MESA, California – The Kratom Store is excited to announce the grand opening of its first retail store in San Diego county, as well as online shopping starting this week. The new location, which is located at 8047 La Mesa Blvd, Suite A, La Mesa CA 91942, provides customers looking for Kratom near me with a wide selection of kratom products. For those outside the area, the online shopping experience offers all the same high quality kratom products you will find in the store, but with the convenience of having it delivered right to your home.

Using results of a survey of more than 2,700 self-reported users of the herbal supplement kratom, sold online and in smoke shops around the U.S., Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers concluded that the psychoactive compound somewhat similar to opioids likely has a lower rate of harm than prescription opioids for treating pain, anxiety, depression and addiction. Researchers confirmed that kratom is not regulated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and that scientific studies have not been done to formally establish safety and benefits. While the city of San Diego has banned the sale of kratom, in La Mesa and most of the rest of the United States, kratom sales are completely legal.

The American Kratom Association is an organization that advocates for kratom. The association estimates that 10-16 million people in the US use kratom. People both eat the ground leaves or make them into tea. Pet owners have also started using kratom for their cats and dogs and products are available in the store for your furry friends, as well. Kratom is a plant related to coffee trees and grown mainly in Southeast Asia. It contains a chemical called mitragynine, which alters moods and makes it similar to coffee use in the West. For those searching for kratom for sale, it is available in The Kratom Store as kratom powder, kratom capsules, kratom tablets [aka kratom pills] and kratom extracts. With over twenty different varieties of strains, when you think kratom San Diego, think The Kratom Store.

To celebrate the grand opening, there will be free samples and giveaways for everyone who comes by the store!  “We’re very excited about this new chapter in our company’s history,” said Owner Linda Kline. “It’s been amazing seeing how many customers who are looking to buy kratom have already found us in our new space. Many we’ve known for years and we welcome the opportunity to continue the friendships we’ve already formed.” For those wanting access to the full line of kratom products from their mobile phone, check out the online store on their website at and select “Shop Kratom Online.”

The Kratom Store in La Mesa is now open for business.

The Kratom Store

8047 La Mesa Blvd., Unit A

La Mesa, CA 91942

(619) 821-8221

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