The Langsdon Clinic in Germantown, TN, Adds Roberto Lachica, MD, Specialist in Cosmetic Breast and Body Surgeries

2022-08-09 12:00:00 - Germantown, Tennessee, United States - (PR Distribution™)

The Langsdon Clinic in Germantown, Tennessee, announces the exciting addition of Dr. Roberto Lachica, MD, a specialist in breast surgery and body contouring surgery.

For over three decades, Dr. Phillip R. Langsdon has been renowned for his face and nose expertise. The clinic is also known for providing cosmetic surgery in its private licensed and certified surgery center. It is a boutique cosmetic practice in a renovated and expanded historic building that is truly unparalleled in the highest quality surgical care provided in a private full-service environment, allowing patients to have all surgical and non-surgical care in one setting.

The Langsdon Clinic is excited about offering services for the entire body by expanding its offerings with the addition of Dr. Roberto Lachica. The Langsdon Clinic now offers full-body, all-encompassing aesthetic procedures — and it is garnering attention nationwide from the press, medical experts, and thousands of fulfilled patients.

The Langsdon Clinic - A Cutting-Edge Surgical Center in a Storied Building.

The Langsdon Clinic was the first practice in the area to provide strictly facial plastic surgery starting in 1986. The original part of the current clinic’s home was built in 1867 in a historic section of Germantown. The older portion of the building was preserved, and an addition to the clinic was constructed to house the operating suite that was licensed and certified in 1992.

The Langsdon team provides current, state-of-the-art surgery in a fully equipped operating room with a recovery suite. Popular non-surgical procedures such as Botox, fillers, peels, and laser treatments are administered by their nurse practitioner, Carol Langsdon, with a physician on-site.

Dr. Lachica Brings a Total-Body, 3D Approach to Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Lachica is an esteemed, board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon focusing on the breast and body. After earning a degree from the University of Chicago-Pritzker School Medicine and training at the University of Tennessee in Memphis, Dr. Lachica spent 23 years in university/tertiary-center practice before joining The Langsdon Clinic.

Although he has performed cosmetic surgery throughout his career, the specific challenge of microsurgical breast and limb reconstruction and cleft lip surgery played a significant role in the evolution of Dr. Lachica’s undeniable technical skills.

Dr. Lachica’s practice is dedicated to excellence in surgical breast reshaping and body contouring, specifically breast augmentationmastopexy (“breast lift”)abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”), and liposuction. By themselves, these are popular procedures, but Dr. Lachica’s expertise lies in his ability to safely combine these procedures for total body rejuvenation in three dimensions.

For example, a patient seeking implants to improve her breast shape might get a better (and longer-lasting) result by combining breast augmentation with a simultaneous breast lift using camouflaged incisions. Or a patient desiring abdominoplasty to flatten her tummy can achieve more of an “hourglass figure” by adding circumferential (“360”) liposuction. Dr. Lachica designs and performs customized procedures to achieve each patient’s unique goals safely.

His surgical motto sums him up well: The operation is done before it is performed (adapted from Tsun Zu’s The Art of War “the battle is won before it is fought”). He’s meticulous and thorough — before, during, and after his surgeries.
Dr. Lachica is known in the aesthetic community for providing the highest standard for breast and body surgery (measured in outcomes, satisfaction, and safety).

Dr. Langsdon Continues to Lead His Field as the South’s Face and Nose expert.

Dr. Phillip Langsdon, MD has spent his entire medical education specializing in the nose and face. First motivated by personal injuries and the subsequent surgery, he quickly learned that not all aesthetic surgeons are experts in the face and nose. The adage “a jack of all and expert of none” is true in medicine, too, he found.

So, he hopes  to become a world-class expert in the nose and face. After his training on the face, head, and neck, he finished with an additional year dedicated to cosmetic nasal and facial plastic surgery. The volume of surgical experience in Dr. Langsdon’s training is literally unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

He has dedicated his career exclusively to cosmetic surgery of the nose and face, bringing the highest level of focus and expertise to an ever-growing collection of happy patients. Dr. Langsdon’s lifelong goal is to help each patient feel a complete sense of self-worth. Within the next few years, he will continue to publish new and innovative surgical techniques to help future generations of doctors.

For more information on The Langsdon Clinic, our fantastic staff, and our growing list of services, head to drlangsdon.com or call us at 901-755-6465.

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