The Mark Left On 2020

2020-12-31 14:43:20 - United States, Georgia, Atlanta - (PR Distribution™)

The Mark Left On 2020
The beginning of our story to tell. 

12/31/2020, North Atlanta, Georgia

Gateway Executives is wrapping up their first year incorporated with a lot to be grateful for and looking forward to the encouraging growth opportunities ahead in 2021.  The office had the pleasure of being able to volunteer in local communities to assist those who have been impacted by the pandemic. The team was very thankful to be able to safely train and grow for a very rewarding year. The partnership Gateway Executives has with major retail corporations nationwide has allowed them to continue to expand beyond Georgia as well. With this expansion, Gateway Executives looks forward to being able to impact more communities with charitable opportunities as well as continuing to supply additional assistance through employment opportunities.

“I want to provide a prosperous gateway for diligent leaders to make their dream a reality.” -Regenia Lee: Director of Operations, North Atlanta, Georgia

Regenia Lee started her marketing journey as a sales representative in Atlanta, Georgia in 2018 and worked her way up to a partnership in 2019 managing the North Atlanta locations for prestigious clients. Dimitri Middleton, now Director of Operations for the Greensboro market, worked alongside Lee in North Atlanta this year, until he was developed to manage his own market. Gateway Executives is cognizant of the fact that there are open markets still available to expand to in 2021. Thus, the firm is currently training motivated candidates to facilitate further expansion. 

“True success is measured by the number of people you are capable of making successful” -Dimitri Middleton: Director of Operations, Greensboro, North Carolina

In closing, Gateway Executives would like to thank their clients, customers, and team members for a year of change that has allowed them to live outside of their comfort zones while also facilitating growth. The firm has learned to appreciate office meetings as time together and to continue to grow those relationships with a safe platform like Zoom. Gateway Executives and the team look forward to welcoming the new year full of opportunities that have yet to be seen.

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