The Master’s Secrets to Find Inner Peace

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Enlightening Life Lessons of one of the Greatest Master in Go History

  SEOUL - 09/21/2018 (

Influential is proud to announce the release Cho Hunhyun's Go with the Flow: How the Great Master of Go Trained His Mind, published in ebook and paperback form for Amazon, on 17.09.2018.

Go is a strategic board game for two players who take turns placing a white or black stone on the board in order to secure more territory than the opponent. No stone has a specific role to play nor has the board a defined path to follow. The number of cases in which a player can make by putting stones is deemed greater than the number of atoms in our universe, which means that the game requires a huge brainpower and strength to win while resisting tremendous psychological pressure. That’s why Go is known as a game of genius and a Go master is respected as a master of life.

Cho Hunhyun is one of the greatest Go masters in history who has earned the respect of all Go fans from Korea, China, and Japan. Since he became a professional Go player at the age of nine, he has won 1,935 matches and taken various championship titles as many as 160 times over 56 years, achieving unprecedented record in the world Go history. What is the essence of the mind-training the Go master wants to share with us? 

Go with the Flow tells us about Cho Hunhyun’s life-long training, which has contributed his amazing achievement in Go. What is his secret? “Victory comes to us when we contemplate with steadfast focus on the essence,” the great Go master shows us the way to find inner peace.

He has never stopped training his heart and mind to win games and his attitude toward life gives us an epiphany. Leading a satisfactory life comes down to becoming a true master of our own mind. Contending for victory in life is possible only when we gain control of our heart and become unmoved by anything. 

The memoir, which describes his life as Go player, Go with the Flow: How the Great Master of Go Trained His Mind, has been a bestseller in South Korea since its release and has sold more than 100,000 copies and being translated and published in Japan and China as well. Now it is ready to meet more readers all over the world. 

Praise for Go with the Flow

Go with the Flow is an important addition to body of books in English about Go.” 

_ Andrew Okun, President, American Go Association


“In Go with the Flow, Cho writes of his struggles to become a better Go player. This book can be enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in Go or Asian culture.” 

_ Michael Redmond, Professional Go Player


“Mr. Cho relates the lessons he learned in his career as a professional player – patience, poise, humility, how to cope with loss – to his philosophy on life outside the Go board.”

_ Will Lockhart, Film Director, The Surrounding Game


“Cho Hunhyun's thoughts on the importance of physical exercise, a persistent and optimistic drive to find the best solutions possible, and making time for solitude are relevant to all of us.”

_ Nate Eagle, Co-Director, 2018 U.S. Congress


“Best are the stories where he gives the reader inside information about professional Go, and how to become and get stronger as professional Go player.” 

_ Antonius Claasen, Reporter, European Go Federation


About the author

Cho Hunhyun is the most respected Go master in Korea, Japan, and China, he has rewritten the modern history of Go by winning the largest number of victories. Becoming a professional Go player at the age of nine, he went to Japan to be taught by Kensaku Segoe, one of the best Go masters in Japan for nine years.

Starting with the first championship of the Ing Cup in 1989, which is dubbed the ‘Go Olympics’ he has achieved a grand slam for the first time in Go history by sweeping up championship trophies of all three major tournaments (the Ing Cup, the Fujistu Cup World Go Championship, the Tongyang Securities Cup) for five years afterward. He became the oldest winner of an international competition at the age of 50, which is the age that most professional Go players consider retirement. His strict self-discipline enabled him to make such a remarkable achievement that still remains as an unbroken record.

As a member of the National Assembly, he has taken the lead of non-governmental diplomacy between Korea and China and also been active in various fields such as lecture and writing. More than a hundred thousand copies of his book, Go with the Flow, were sold right after publication, ascending to the bestseller spot in Korea and being translated and published in Japan and China as well. 


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