The revolutionary era of Latin fashion designers during fashion weeks in New York and Washington DC.

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Latin Fashion Week

In 2022 the Latin Fashion Week presents "Carnaval." Carnival is color, joy, and a celebration, and after so much sadness and loss due to the pandemic, we want to bring color to life, putting color back into life.  Latin Fashion Week will take over New York City from
September 7 to 10 and will close the parade in the city of Washington DC from October 14 to 16, presenting 14 designers from different Latin American countries.

Mexico is heading the list, with five fantastic designers: Paola Najera with her homonymous haute couture and ready-to-wear brand.  Elizabeth Salim, her sustainable and technological brand SALIM, Beumaris Eilean Santillán, of Eilean Brand, stands out for creating organic garments oriented towards sustainability.

Karina Rivera of Maria Rufina Bags is based on origami figures that combine design and modernity.  Luz Ybarraran swimwear brand bears her name and offers its buyers made-to-measure garments directly from Ella's Boutique-Atelier and Jessica Sanchez with her Jey Velez shoe brand artisan.

Central America is represented by Honduran jewelry designer Jolibeth Sanchez who, inspired by the national flower of her country, will present her fine jewelry brand Orquídea de Oro.

South America and the Caribbean, which cannot be missing as great exponents of Latin American design, will be present with seven talented designers: For Cuba, Laila Chaaban, who brings us her designs that combine techniques and colors adaptable to various silhouettes, promoters of the Slow-Fashion concept, will present the new Capicua Brand collection.

The Dominican Republic with two outstanding emerging designers, Carolina Almonte, who presents the new collection of her brand whose purpose is to dress the modern and bold woman in an elegant but conscious way, and the Children's Clothing.  Designer Estefania Lozada with her brand Nia Loz who will dress gala to the little ones at home.  Representing Colombia and Ecuador, Juliana Rodriguez and Maria Salazar, mother, and daughter, with their Alcatraz Swimwear brand, will make attendees dream of a sunset on the beach.

From Costa Rica, designer Nicole Madriz's SelfMade clothing brand will show us a fantastic collection based on natural and environmentally friendly processes as a standard in her fabric treatments.

Designer Carlos Sierra arrives from Venezuela with the brand that bears his name and mixes haute couture designs with the essence of the Caribbean for Men, Women, and Children.  And to close the list from the enchanting island of Puerto Rico, designer.
Wilberto Perez will introduce us to the couture brand that bears his name and promises a journey inspired by the Far East.

Latin Fashion continues to create pride and showcase the best Latin fashion designers and artists.

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About Latin Fashion Week 

Latin Fashion Week is a registered trademark, is an event with more than 13 years of experience in the Fashion and retail market in the United States and Latin America, and currently has a presence in the cities of New York, Washington DC, Dallas and Torreón– Mexico, in addition to alliances with different Events in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

In 2009, Latin Fashion Week was born from the dream of its founder and current president, Sobeidy Vidal, an entrepreneur passionate about Fashion and the textile industry, with a single mission to promote more Latinos in the American fashion industry.  Sobeidy has accompanied and guided Spanish-speaking designers so that they have brand exposure through the Latin FW platform.  The main objective of Latin Fashion Week is to create commercial alliances that allow the expansion of those who participate in the different events, both within the United States United and allied countries.  

The designers participating in Latin Fashion Week have taken their designs to the highest level, dressing celebrities in events such as the Oscar suite, Latin Grammy, and MTV awards, among others.

Latin Fashion Week is a strategic partner of ProModa, which promotes, encourages, and accelerates opportunities in the fashion industry, welcoming designers, models, photographers, makeup and hair artists, sponsors, and brands that align with the commitment every year. to extolling Latino heritage, roots, and traditions.

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