“The Science Kids” Have Produced the Ultimate Science Kit, Made for Kids by Kids

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The Science Kids have produced a book, animated courses, AND a box full of instructional materials and games to help you build a healthier, stronger Super You. Whether you prefer to learn about science and health through books, videos, or games, you'll now have that opportunity!The Science Kids and the Science Kids Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting science and health in communities where proper educational resources of this kind are lacking, are the driving force behind this effort.

The book,Super Me!features animated versions of co-authors and brother and sister team, Alex and Sophia Sherzai with their trusty sidekick Brainy. The book is an important road map that will guide kids on their path of becomingSuper Me!,a version of themselves that is as healthy as it can be.Super Me!is the only book of its kind where kids help bring information about health, in general, and brain health specifically to other kids in fun and engaging ways that will not only stick but will influence them throughout their lives. The book also teaches the scientific way of looking at information and how to determine what is true and what is not.

“We know this book will change your kids’ lives because after all of the research we did, it changed ours. Each chapter will give your child the tools to become proactive about their health and harness the amazing power of their brain,” said Sophia Sherzai, age 10, co-author and manager of Science Kids Foundation.

The Science Kids Academyis an amazing new forum where kids, through vibrant and fun animation, and real life kid to kid interaction, teach other kids about health and science. The format is designed in a way that will fully engage kids so that they views health and science as fun and vitalfor their health, success, and the wellbeing of the planet. Most importantly it will empower them with the ability to expand their brain power beyond what they could have ever previously envisioned.

Alex, age 13, co-author and manager of Science Kids Foundation says, “Most importantly [the Academy courses] will empower them with the ability to expand their brain power beyond what they could have ever previously envisioned. We intend on not only creating 1 or 2 videos, but as many as we need to help kids understand the importance of health and everything that comes with it!”

The Super Brain Box will include samples of nutrients, instruction cards, simple exercise products, and stress management tools, and brain building games, and instructions.

About the Authors

Co-author Alex Sherzai mastered calculus by age 8, at age 10 he co-authored his first book:Walk Like an Elephantand completed high school. In addition, he took the SAT scoringin the 90th percentile. He was the youngest person to have his research abstract, be accepted to an international neuroscience conference andbe a speaker at March for Science L.A.: 2017 and 2018. Alex even finds time to be a pianist and musical composer.

Co-author Sophia Sherzai was reading fluently by age 2 ½. She also co-authored her first book:Walk Like an Elephantby age 8 and by age 10 she finished high school, scoring in the 90th percentile on the PSAT. She, too, was a speaker at March for Science L.A.: 2017 and 2018 and is an avid lover of music and amazing singer.

You can support Science Kids Foundationon their Indiegogo page now.

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