The Tiverton Land Trust Launches $235k Fundraising Effort To Preserve Nonquit Pond Farmlands

2021-10-07 19:08:45 - Tiverton, Rhode Island, United States - (PR Distribution™)

The Tiverton Land Trust announced today that it is entering into an agreement with two landowners to preserve 30 acres of historic farmland with archeological significance on Nonquit Pond, kicking off a community fundraising effort to protect the land in perpetuity.


The Arrowhead Farm and Movement Ground Farm sit on land with a 250-year history of continuous farming. To ensure the continuation of this legacy, the Land Trust is working with the owners of both farms to establish an agricultural easement that will preserve the land as farmland forever. To acquire the easement, the Tiverton Land Trust has raised $525,000 in grants from federal and state sources. With a generous matching gift of $50k from an anonymous donor, the Land Trust is now working to raise an additional $235,000 from community resources to complete the $760,000 funding needed to preserve the farmland.


"Fundraising within the community is an essential part of land preservation efforts. Without the continued support of preservation-minded residents and neighbors, we would not be able to protect this land for future generations," said Eric Watne, President of the Tiverton Land Trust. "As in the past, we have had good success securing state and federal money for this project, but we need to supplement that with donations from our community as well. We rely on the community's support to help us preserve the rural beauty of Tiverton."


The Tiverton Land Trust has preserved over 655 acres of scenic land in Tiverton, including Pardon Gray Preserve, Basket Swamp, and other locations across town. In fact, the Land Trust was created in 1996 in an effort to stop a residential development project on Pardon Gray land, and instead retain its rural beauty for all to enjoy.


About the Tiverton Land Trust


Tiverton Land Trust is a private, nonprofit, charitable organization established March 6, 1996, to preserve the rural character and scenic beauty of Tiverton, Rhode Island for generations to come. The Organization has preserved and protected over 655 acres of land in Tiverton, Including 230 acres of open space at Pardon Gray Preserve, 96 acres of forested open space at Basket Swamp, the 63 acre Durfee property, part of Pocasset Ridge overlooking Nanaquaket Pond, and dozens more. The Tiverton Land Trust obtains its funding through individual donations, memberships, and grants through effectively partnering with government, private, and other non­ profit organizations. The major activities of the Organization are the following: Land protection: Acquiring land, conservation easements, or deeded development rights, with the objective of retaining the land in accordance with the Organization's objective to protect land in perpetuity by conserving open space, agricultural land, and wildlife habitats. Land stewardship: Monitoring and other activities performed to maintain the land protected by the Organization in accordance with the Organization's mission. The Tiverton Land Trust is a member-supported 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. For more information and to make a charitable tax-deductible donation, visit &



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