The Top 25 Branding Agencies, According To DesignRush

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94 percent of consumers are more likely to be loyal to brands that are completely honest and transparent with their consumers – and the best way to build a trustworthy relationship between business and customer is with the help of a top-rated branding agency. 

DesignRush.com, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, determined the best branding firms who can create cohesive identities across many platforms and foster valuable business growth. 

DesignRush’s Agency Listing section features the best local and global branding agencies. Some of the top branding companies from around the world include:   

1. ACW Artifex Creative Webnet

ACW is a leading full-service communications agency specializing in the planning and development of integrated print and interactive communications, employing highly trained specialists possessing a wealth of experience and capabilities.

Visit ACW Artifex Creative Webnet at: https://acw.uk.com/

2. Big Cat 

Let’s be clear, Big Cat is a no-nonsense marketing communications agency with offices in Birmingham and London. They believe in a thing they call creative clarity. Whether it’s advertising, brand and design, PR services or digital, Big Cat thinks the most effective communications are the most simple.

Visit Big Cat at: https://bigcatagency.com/

3. BrandNew Creative

BrandNew Creative is in the Business of Good Design. They change, refresh and grow brands, products and services by connecting sound business strategy with elegant visual execution. As the people behind BrandNew, they’re entirely dedicated to creating compelling brand strategies for clients of all sizes and sectors.

Visit Brand New Creative at: https://brandnew.ie/

4. Brandsensations 

Brandsensations generates leads online with relevant content and a conversion-optimized website according to proven inbound marketing. The leads are then automatically qualified using lead nurturing workflows and transferred to sales.

Visit Brandsensations at: https://www.brandsensations.com/

5. PO’Sh Creative

The relationships PO’Sh Creative forges are genuine, built on trust, excellence and enjoyment; and together, they get the very best out of the creative process. Whether clients are after branding, animation, graphics or marketing, they can feel confident that PO’Sh Creative will work harder than anyone to deliver design and campaigns that’ll make them proud.

Visit PO’Sh Creative at: https://www.poshcreative.co.uk/

6. Brandwatch 

BRANDWATCH is a packaging design and prepress services agency servicing to global and regional companies in Mexico, as well as to American Companies.

Visit Brandwatch at: https://www.brandwatch.com.mx/

7. Cerberus

Cerberus is an internationally recognized full-service marketing firm in New Orleans. Focus enables the agency to glean insights from a cluttered landscape, identify effective messaging triggers, and design simple yet artful solutions that drive brands forward. This disciplined process enables Cerberus to create authentic advertising, design, digital, and media solutions for inspired branding.

Visit Cerberus at: https://www.cerberus.agency/

8. Creative Company Inc.

Creative Company’s work in positioning and messaging (the verbal brand) establishes a foundation for recognizable and memorable branding which rises above the chaos. Thoughtful, carefully crafted brand identity systems based on solid positioning are brought to life in websites, collateral, and strategic planning to reach the right audiences.

Visit Creative Company Inc. at: https://www.creativeco.com/

9. designgree

designgree is a Korea industrial design and strategy studio. They work with business to drive innovation, identify opportunities, and design meaningful products and experiences that grow brands and delight customers.

Visit designgree at: https://www.designgree.com/

10. Filadelfia 

Filadelfia is more than an agency – they are problem solvers. They use strategy, creativity and technology to drive brands, businesses and sales. Although working with local costs and local talents, their campaigns have been awarded worldwide in the most important creativity festivals: Cannes Lions, The One Show, The New York Festivals. Filadelfia’s portfolio has a wide range of services, from branded content campaigns for global clients, to promotions that generate awareness and drive sales.

Visit Filadelfia at http://filadelfiacom.com.br/

11. forceMAJEURE Design

forceMAJEURE Design is an independent award-winning creative agency specialized in brand creation, brand renovation, product design, and innovation. They draw from a wide range of capabilities—strategy, visual and brand identity, product design and packaging, innovation, brand content creation, brand experiences, and retail design—to serve clients, move markets, and shape lifestyles in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Visit forceMAJEURE Design at: https://www.forcemajeure.design/

12. GCMD

GCMD believes in providing their clients with the best experience and final product so they reach their business goals. Yes, GCMD has to make a profit at the end of the day. But to them, it’s important to know they did the right thing by their clients. GCMD looks forward to learning about every business and developing a long-term relationship with them.

Visit GCMD at https://www.gcmd.agency/

13. Gen Design Studio

Gen Design Studio was founded in 2005 and is a Braga, Portugal, headquartered creative services firm supporting small, medium and enterprise level clients. They are a team of 50 designers and web developers, dedicated to Branding, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Web Design, Interior Design and Industrial Design. Gen Design Studio works with Tekzenit Inc, also known as Tekzenit Creative Services in the USA.

Visit Gen Design Studio at: http://www.gen.pt/

14. Grain Studio Inc 

Grain Studio is home to the work of Josh Ernst, a graphic artist with over 20 years of professional experience. They also take advantage of a select network of talented professionals to bring clients the finest and most affordable creative solutions.

Visit Grain Studio Inc at http://grainstudio.com/

15. JAB Design 

JAB is an institution member of The Design Society Singapore. They are bizSAFE Level 3 accredited, GST Reg No. 200900334R, and award winner of Singapore Enterprise Association’s Singapore Enterprise Medal of Honour – Top 100 Elite and Trustworthy SMEs Category. JAB has on hand creative professionals to help brands navigate fruitfully in identity and branding; graphic, interactive, and environmental design; copywriting, editorial and publishing; campaign development and management; and more.

Visit JAB Design at https://jab.sg/

16. JC Creative

Brands only get one first impression, and JC Creative is here to successfully facilitate that. (And if you didn’t, let’s go ahead and fix that for you. #damagecontrol). Let JC Creative present your brand in unique ways that will entice current and future clients to purchase from you. They want to maintain your brand’s integrity, staying fresh, consistent and always ahead of the competition.

Visit JC Creative at https://jccreative.com/

17. Joel Bell 

Joel Bell’s passion for conceptualizing and developing innovative products with a clean graphic sensibility has been a proven factor in their client’s success. They can work independently or with a client’s team to produce the best cost-effective product for their consumer market.

Visit Joel Bell at: https://www.joelbellid.com/

18. Matter Creative Group 

Matter Creative Group’s place in the branding universe is where design thinking blends with creativity. Matter Creative Group’s strength is in providing real value through design-centric problem solving, experience and high-quality creative work.

Visit Matter Creative Group at https://mattercreativegroup.com/

19. Primer Grey 

Primer Grey’s services include naming, brand identity development, go-to-market strategy, logo design, print and packaging design, and website design and development. They are small on purpose; choosing to focus their team of brand, print and digital producers on the projects that they know can drive a mutually beneficial relationship between them, their clients, and the people and causes they serve.

Visit Primer Grey at https://thisispg.com/

20. Print City Design Studio 

Print City Design Studio is a family owned graphic design and print firm that specializes in creating distinctive designs for every business. They are an award-winning firm that prides themselves in providing high-quality products and services.

Visit Print City Design Studio at https://printcitydesignstudio.com/

21. Proportion Design

Proportion is a boutique design agency focused on bridging the gap betweencreative ideationandcommercial realizationto produce unique brand solutions that both differentiate and connect. Their principle-led project approach includes services across brand strategy, identity development, and campaign, environmental, and merchandising collateral design executions.

Visit Proportion Design at https://proportiondesign.com/

22. RadonicRodgers Strategy+

RadonicRodgers Strategy+ has an entrepreneurial spirit, unique sector expertise, and a knack for uncovering and telling remarkable stories that resonate with the media, travel trade, potential guests and tourists to every brand.

Visit RadonicRodgers Strategy+ at http://radonicrodgers.com/

23. Social Media House

At its foundation, Social Media House is a digital marketing and consulting agency designed to improve marketing inefficiencies, increase ROI and provide insight on what works and what doesn’t in all elements of your marketing — so clients can focus on operational functionality, making their customers happy, and doing what it is theyactually do.

Visit Social Media House at https://socialmediahouse.to/

24. Studio Linear 

Being a family owned business, Studio Linear understands the importance of truly connecting with their clients on a personal level so that every single client they work with feels equally as important.

Visit Studio Linear at https://www.studiolinear.com/

25. Vebu

Vebu is a creative service agency covering branding, design, video production, video content and social media. They have a strong in-house team supported by a passionate and experienced community of creatives.

Visit Vebu at https://www.vebu.co.uk/

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