The ‘Unstoppable Family’ Launch Media Tour for How to Be and Raise an Unstoppable Kid

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  United States - 08/19/2019 (

Book Release to Coincide with RV Tour for 12 Year Old Entrepreneur and Family


In support of the release of their book “How to Be and Raise an Unstoppable Kid” Rhonda, Brian and Hanalei Swan, better known as The Unstoppable Family will be touring the US in an RV from September 17th through October 23rd. Launching in Arizona, the family will traverse up through Burning Man in Black Rock, NV, then cut across the US to New York. The trip then culminates with a trek down south to Orlando, FL. Along the tour the family will be available for interviews, podcasts, book signings and media.


Like many families victimized by the 2007 financial crisis, Rhonda and Brian chose to create a more sustainable life, by freeing themselves from corporate ties they sought to carve out a more meaningful existence for their family. With their then 1 year old daughter Hanalei in tow, the Unstoppables embarked on a journey that has found them living in 48+ countries across 6 continents.


That journey enabled little Hanalei to have a first person, globalized education based on experiential learning and living in the moment. Instead of asking “what do you want to be when you grow up” the Swans opted to ask “what do you want to be NOW?”


In answering the unstoppable call, Hanalei created a socially conscious clothing brand. The apparel is handcrafted in Bali, and features responsibly sourced, eco-friendly materials like bamboo and stands on her values for reducing waste and wasting water. Now with revenue in the six figures, Hanalei recently opted to turn down $30M in venture capital funding strictly on the grounds of a misalignment in values. 


For bookings, email [email protected] or call 850-783-0133. For more information, visit and

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