The Usefulness of PRWeb Coupon Codes Compared to PRCopywriter Press Release Writing and Distribution

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The Press Release Distribution industry is highly competitive and there are many companies who claim to have a vast network of journalists/media outlets within their distribution network. However, there are only a few companies who can actually spread the news to the places that matter so the press releases get viewed by the desired audience. Finding the perfect press release distribution company that can actually provide exposure can be hard.


PRWeb, being one of the oldest press release distribution company if providing distribution services since 1997. They almost every time of the year, offer 10 - 15% discount coupon codes to their first-time customers. These codes can be easily found using Google.


The distribution services offered by PRWeb has four different forms priced by $99 to $389. The $389 Premium PRWeb distribution claims to make a press release “Go Viral”. Urgent press release distribution within a  4-hour deadline is subjected to an additional $99. Even with this high price, PRWeb does not reveal any information about their distribution network or where the press release might appear. As seen on a number of reviews, PRWeb press releases show up to not more than 5 - 7 poor quality websites. Apart from the placement on their news section, no one seems to pick up the press releases distributed by PRWeb. is the leader in the press release distribution industry, that is also offering press release writing services to their customers through PRCopywriter. They offer three different distribution plans that cost from $69 to $299. The most valued Premium Concierge plan guarantees distribution to over 400 media outlets including top-tier newswire such as ABC, FORBES, AP, Bloomberg, CBS, NBC etc. All of their distribution plans offer a placement in their News section and also come with Google, Yahoo and Bing inclusion.


Monthly and Annual customers of save hundreds of dollars each month by utilizing the Monthly and Annual subscription service. The PRCopywriter Press Release Writing and Distribution Bundles save their customers up to $50 on each press release.


PRWeb does consistently provide coupon codes and few discounts. However, and its PRCopywriter service is clearly the best combination for having a massive outreach at the cheapest price and getting a higher return on investment than anyone else.

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