There's Something Divine About Trump

2019-11-27 12:35:16 - United States, New Jersey, Garfield - (PR Distribution™)

New Book: There’s Something Divine About Trump

Bible Scholar, Writer, Instructor, Commentator, and Author Prince Aremi Amachree has written a new book about the divine nature of the emergence of Donald J. Trump’s Presidency. The book is a call to all citizens and all political wings. Does the United States of America still exist or we are just as divided as our enemies wants us to be, Divided States of America? This book reveals the revelation of God and the prayers that led to the Trump presidency.

For seventy years prayers have been offered for the deliverance of Israel’s Jerusalem desolation; but who can declare it at the appointed time? None of our politicians could be found to exercise a bold step to declare it. Then comes Trump willing to do the will of God. And God said, “I will send you and you will be a sign unto them”.

Where is God in our society? Where are the moral values that shaped our society in ages past? Everything is permissible in our society today in the name of freedom. Greed has been redefined to capitalism. Law enforcement has been deferred or watered down to allow criminal enterprises to influence our way of life.

Who can confront Globalization and Fair trade if not Trump? Who can confront China and her abusive practices? Who can confront other elements around the world without being political minded? Our media has become an enemy to the people they intended to serve; leading to the miseducation of the masses. Get a copy of this book and let’s start an honest conversation.

There’s Something Divine About Trump, aka, There’s Something About Trump, published by AuthorHouse™ is now available at bookstores and online outlets such as;;;;; and others for general reading.

About Prince Aremi Amachree

PRINCE AREMI AMACHREE is a Bible Scholar and Author of “The Acts of God, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. He’s a member of Living Stone Bible Church and a rotating Coordinator at the Church’s “School of Wisdom” located in Union, NJ. Prince spends much of his time studying the Word of God in order to better understand the things and ways of God. With his understanding in the ways of God, he sets out to inspire, motivate and encourage people of all backgrounds.

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