This Region in Mexico Is Becoming the Destination for Medical Tourism

2021-09-24 14:45:00 - Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico - (PR Distribution™)

Tijuana, the most important border city in the country, is the home of the new annual Binational Encounter for Health Tourism; this convention allows different doctors and health specialists to share their new ideas and advancements regarding medical tourism as a whole.

The participants were asked a set of questions about the new health tourism tendencies in Baja California, they were also questioned about the actions that they’ve done in order to promote medical tourism in Mexico. 

Alejandro Gutierrez Solorzano, Sani Dental Group’s COO, was one of the four participants in the second specialist panel of this encounter. Alejandro stated that every action that Sani Dental Group has taken, in partnership with GioStar, has been directed towards the development and growth of medical tourism. 

The panelists showed how deeply committed their companies are to bringing a new twist to the service that medical clinics offer by creating a different way to show professionalism. They talked about how the needs of an international patient need to be met in order to bring a unique and nice experience to every person that steps into a dental office.

The panelist asked the group of professionals if they were aware of how people that were foreign to Mexico saw medical tourism; Sani Dental Group’s representative says that this phenomenon is backed not only by the professionals in the health field, but hospitals, hotels, transport companies, and other sectors should also consider that their work should live up to the patient’s expectations in order to bring a good service.

Foreign patients are always looking for familiar traits in the places that they visit or resort to for medical tourism; Baja California is a great example of how crucial it is for foreign patients to feel at home. Baja California has adapted to the needs of American patients, almost turning into an extension of the USA culturally. 

The last question was about how this set of professionals visualized the short-term future regarding medical technology and its advancements. Panel participants agreed that it's not just a matter of technological medicine, such as having a record of the patient’s medical background online but a matter of how the industry should turn its focus around. 

The participants expressed that the industry should lean more towards the prevention of diseases rather than the treatment of them; this action could give place to the possibility of new branches of medicine being created and developed. Patients should be educated about what the best choices to take for their health are.

The panel was closed off with the participants receiving their presentation cards in metal form and being greeted and thanked for their participation. 

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