Thomas Salzano Launched his Poetry Website

09/08/2019 01:00 - NEW YORK, USA

The famous poet Thomas Salzano recently announced the launch of his new website which is totally dedicated to poetry. The website launch aimed at motivating the aspiring poets to write and publish their work on his open platform and get guidance from other poets too.

Thomas Salzano is a renowned poet and a motivational speaker who mainly writes poems on inspiration and motivation. Apart from this, Thomas has shown his romantic sides in many pieces. 

One such example is:

“Her eyes look like an ocean of love and compassion But Thomas feels unlucky as She hates him for his immaturity and aggression”

Thomas Salzano has also written some satirical verses by getting encouraged from the art of satire which rises because of a gradual increase in Skepticism.

Through this website, Thomas invites every aspiring writer irrespective of age to put his/her heart out. You can publish your poems on this platform and also establish a connection with other registered poets to get inspiration or to do any kind of discussion on the poetry content.

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You can also find the work of famous poets such as Sylvia Path, Robert Burns, Wilfred Owen, etc on this website. Thomas is also planning to add a multilingual feature on this website very soon. It means you can read poetry in any language.

If everything goes well and people show love for this forum, Thomas will also add a video section where different poets across the world record their poem in the video format and upload. 

Check out the video by him on How to write a poem: 

About Thomas Salzano

Thomas is popularly known as Thomas J Salzano or Thomas N Salzano but as a poet, he is famous as Thomas Salzano. His inspiration to write and try poetry came from his habit of writing his daily diary. He was a popular child in school and college because of his poetry and won a number of cash prizes in poetry and storytelling. Thomas is also an active member of a famous poetry club in New York. 

To know more about the website, do visit: https://www.thomassalzano.org

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