Tips-awarded Reynolds Construction for Glendale High School’s $1 Million Project To Replace A Faulty Roof

2022-04-07 12:00:00 - United States, Arkansas, Pine Bluff - (PR Distribution™)

Reynolds Construction performed a roof inspection on Glendale High School’s leaky roof. 

Reynolds Construction, a TIPS (The Interlocal Replacing System) approved roofing vendor, is pleased to announce their appointment as the contractor in Springfield's public school district's project to replace Glendale High School's damaged roof covering. 

The major roof replacement project spanned a 40,000 square-foot area that stretches through the boiler room, library, and cafeteria. Previously, the school had utilized another contractor to patch the roof repeatedly. 

However, a thorough roof inspection revealed that the phenolic foam insulation positioned over the metal decking had a corrosive effect when exposed to moisture and would damage the roof after an extended time. Therefore, besides giving the roof covering a major overhaul, Reynolds Construction was expected to perform rust mitigation for the metal deck covering the large area. 

"We are proud to have been a part of this roof replacement project and contribute to the Springfield public school district's efforts to create a safer and healthier environment for their students," said a representative from Reynolds Construction. 

"Our first priority is to deliver high-quality roofing works at a reasonable budget, within the allocated project timeline, without causing as much disruption as possible. That is why we are one of the only companies willing to work on the school during the academic semester." 

To bring cost-effective contracts and savings to different entities from the education, government, and non-profit organizations, Reynolds Construction is a TIPS-awarded roofing vendor and is a proud partner of this cooperative. 

Since 2002, The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) has been one of the United States' Premier National Purchasing Cooperative created to serve public agencies from various industries and services. The organization will assist its members with soliciting and establishing competitively-priced contracts while helping organizations procure a mutually beneficial agreement with the contractor instead of undergoing a lengthy bidding process. 

With this cooperative, contracts will be leveraged nationally to save members costs and time and provide the organizations more confidence in purchasing contracts. Additionally, quality is assured as contracts will be awarded to members based on their price, credibility, and quality, allowing customers the ability to choose their contractors. More importantly, TIPS will also provide public entities with assistance during the purchasing process. 

Some of Reynolds Construction's previous TIPS projects include Kaufman Independent School District in Texas, Bryant School District and Cedar Ridge School District in Arkansas, Crowder College, Troy School District, and Springfield R XII School District in Missouri.

About Reynolds Construction & Commercial Roofing 

Reynolds Construction & Commercial Roofing was established in 1983 and has almost four decades of experience in the roofing industry. The company first started working with Brown & Root Services Corp in Houston, TX, and then expanded its business to have a roofing-focused division. Currently, Reynolds Construction also offers a wide selection of various construction tasks and has worked on projects with diverse clients from different sectors, including federal agencies, post offices, hospitals, schools, multi-family housing, churches, and commercial and industrial facilities. Additionally, the company is a licensed general contractor that can oversee projects throughout their timeline. They are headquartered at 6610 Dollarway Rd, Pine Bluff, AR 71602, and their phone number is 877-264-7224.

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