Top Celebrity Vocal Coach Valerie Fahren helps Singers and Actors move to the next level with her unique Artist Development Services in Los Angeles

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Top Celebrity Vocal Coach Valerie Fahren helps Singers and Actors move to the next level with her unique Artist Development Services in Los Angeles

Do you want to move to the next level and rise above the masses of people that move to LA to make it in the business of singing and acting? Are you new to Los Angeles or not sure who you can go to for help getting educated and getting connected in the Music and Acting Industry? Valerie Fahren, a Celeb Vocal Coach and Artist Development Specialist in Los Angeles, has been helping young and up and coming adult singers and actors rise above the masses of talent that move to LA with her unique approach to achieve Hollywood breakthroughs and success.  For 28 years, Valerie has utilized her professional skills as a Singer and Actress herself, plus her compassion for other artists, to help young and also up and coming adult singers and actors learn the ropes, develop their talent in singing and acting through her streamlined Artist Development programs.  Valerie’s stellar Artist Development Program develops her clients to become professional singers and actors, and to book that audition, get that contract and showcase them to top Industry Professionals. This is done with her unique and greatly successful Artist Development and Vocal Coaching Services.

Having a well-known boutique size company in Los Angeles, Valerie can spend a considerable amount of time with each artist, as she only chooses a select amount each year to develop so as to make sure they are fully prepared to showcase their talent to the world. Having hundreds of Industry at her fingertips, she creates tailor made programs, including creating and overseeing recording sessions with award winning Producers, and at the outset she goes the full mile by producing one of the top Industry Showcases in Hollywood for her clients.  With an Industry panel of judges that stems from the Executive VP of Warner Bros. Records to Managers from top LA Acting firms, Valerie produces an Industry Event that attracts top Agents, Managers, Casting, Record Producers, Record Labels and TV Film Producers.  Her Showcases attract up to 50 or more Industry at a time, with her clients getting signed with Agents, Managers, Labels, and Casting Auditions for TV and Film.

A partial list of clients that Valerie has worked with include Alison Sudol (Queenie on Warner Bros. feature films Fantastic Beasts and musical group A Fine Frenzy), Daphne Guinness (the Queen of Style and heir to the Guinness Beer Fortune), Marisol Nichols (CW’s Riverdale), Erika Christensen (ABC’s Parenthood and 20th Century Fox’s Film Swimfan), Sabrina Bryan (Disney’s Cheetah Girls), and many more.

Valerie Fahren’s approach is unprecedented where she has the whole process available for her clients from beginning development to the end game of getting signed and booking auditions all at her fingertips to really help singers and actors move to the next level, whatever level they are starting, and then she goes ahead and does just that. “I can only help those that want to be helped and actually do the work.  I cannot do it all for them, but I can develop them fully, be their cheerleader, put them in front of top Industry and follow through to them actually getting launched.  They just need to show up and commit to really making it happen, and the ones that do that actually make it. It’s a wonderful purpose and I live for that day when I find out one of my artists booked it, got that contract, and got that big record label meeting.  Standing on that stage and performing for 50 top Industry professionals is no joke. It’s a lot of work, but such fun work and very exciting”  Valerie Fahren takes a few zoom clients as well in the US and abroad.

Contact: Send Valerie Fahren an email via her CONTACT page on https://www.valeriefahren.com

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