Touchless Faucet Sales on the Rise Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

2020-04-10 08:29:43 - United States, Illinois, Des Plaines - (PR Distribution™)

Companies Aim to Protect Employees by Replacing Manual Faucets with Touchless

Chicago, IL – Amid the COVID-19 outbreak and stay-in-place ordinances, we’ve seen a trend begin to emerge: touchless restroom faucets.

COVID-19 can stay active on surfaces for as much as nine days, depending on the surface. Limiting the surfaces that get touched is essential to reducing the spread. To do this, many major manufacturers and other employers are requiring touchless faucets to be installed before  allowing employees to return.

Currently, many states have a stay-in-place ordinance until April 30. Once lifted, non-essential companies can open again and have employees on-site. However, this will likely come with a spike in new cases unless something changes.

Companies are now realizing that touchless faucets are the best option. Countries such as China already transitioned to touchless where possible following the SARS outbreak in 2003. COVID-19 made the need for touchless abundantly clear to the rest of world.

Chicago Faucets saw a surge in touchless faucet requests in March of 2020 when the stay-in-place ordinances were announced. Since then, the number of such requests has continued to grow.

“I have been in the commercial plumbing industry since the early days of touchless faucets when they were seen as little more than a novelty,” says Richard Nortier, Director of Marketing at Chicago Faucets. “Despite attempts to promote them as a tool to improve hygiene while handwashing, the focus became more about saving water. Now the real value is finally being recognized. I’m glad I work for the company that produces the most reliable touchless faucets in the industry.”   

Chicago Faucets, a member of the Geberit Group, is the leading brand of commercial faucets and fittings in the United States, offering a complete range of products for schools, laboratories, hospitals, office buildings, food service, airports, and sports facilities. Whatever the requirements may be, Chicago Faucets offers standard and made-to-order products that are designed to meet any application.


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