Trails Carolina: The Impact Social Media Can Have on Your Teen

2022-09-25 19:00:00 - Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, United States - (PR Distribution™)

The Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Program is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and recently looked at the impact social media can have on teenagers. With the rise in popularity of social media for all ages, it’s become a concern for numerous parents as it can affect their mental health.

Trails Carolina's team examined some of the main problems with being online. There’s a variety of content that can create challenges, ranging from direct discussions with another teenager to inappropriate content. Constant exposure, equal to 40 hours a week or even more on social media, means that teenagers can’t avoid all the downfalls.

The post details how social media can craft an unrealistic picture for teenagers. In most cases, people post highlights of their life on their pages, and when a person only sees the highs, it’s difficult to understand that everyone goes through lows from time to time. 

There's also a fear of missing out, not enjoying life enough, and more. This can leave teenagers isolated when they feel like they aren’t having the same type of success as others.

Parents reading the article receive tips on creating healthy relationships for their teenagers through social media. While it can be hard to get teenagers to follow parental suggestions, simple steps can go a long way toward making a difference. 

Parents can step in and make social media changes such as unfollowing unhealthy accounts, encouraging real-life connections with others, paying close attention to what they share, and reducing screen time. 

The Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Program has helped many teenagers experiencing challenging issues due to social media. Students who go through their program can develop friendships and help each other with personal challenges. Doing this can help students know they are not the only ones who face trials.

The team of Trails Carolina encourages parents to reach out to them if wilderness therapy seems like a fit for their teenagers. For additional information, visit trailscarolina.com.

Reaching out to the team at Trails Carolina can happen over the phone or via video chat. It’s a great way to get a feel for the setting.

About Trails Carolina


Trails Carolina is a wilderness therapy program launched in 2008. Located in North Carolina, the program specializes in providing real-world opportunities to create better outcomes. 

With full accreditation and experienced staff, teenagers can continue to thrive academically while getting the therapeutic help they need. Getting the necessary help can be a change that can be very rewarding later in life.

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