TransformativeMed Partners with University of Washington Medicine—an Epic Journey

2021-05-17 15:35:14 - United States, Washington, Seattle - (PR Distribution™)

A partnership that began in 2011 between the University of Washington and TransformativeMed, then, a start-up company, continues to collaborate and grow.  With the decision at UW Medicine to transition from Cerner to Epic, the physicians and leadership renewed their commitment to work together with TransformativeMed. 

Seattle, Washington (May, 2021) -- The project to bring TransformativeMed Core Work Manager App, an EHR workflow and handoff coordination tool, into the Epic health system kicked off in November, 2019 and in March, 2021 Core Work Manager went live across the entire UW Medicine organization, once again!

The journey started with an idea in 2003, when the regulations limiting residents’ work hours ignited the launch of the physician-designed and EHR-embedded solution to support complex care-team handoff.  A partnership was founded as the UW Medicine clinicians navigated through the technology needed to enhance the functionality of the electronic medical record platform, and the work began to create a workflow optimization tool that would safely improve care-team efficiency.  

In 2011, TransformativeMed brought the Core Work Manager App from the University of Washington Medicine to the rapidly growing electronic medical record market, as a Cerner embedded workflow tool.   While expanding into this market, TransformativeMed recognized the need and the development team began to migrate Core Work Manager into the cloud—the arduous and rigorous technology path has a light at the end of the tunnel. 

It was in 2018 when the UW Medicine physicians worked hand-in-hand with leadership to ensure that Core Work Manager would continue to be a part of their transition to the Epic platform.  Each step of the way, the TransformativeMed technology team partnered with the clinicians to develop design specifications and testing to ensure a seamless “go-live” on March 27, 2021.  

“It is fitting that the birthplace of Core Work Manager should also be TransformativeMed’s foray into the Epic market.  We believe in the vision of the EHR as a platform into which innovations should be able to be embedded, particularly those that aim to enhance end-user experience.” – Rodrigo Martinez, MD

About TransformativeMed: 

TransformativeMed dramatically improves the usability of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), with specialty-specific and disease-specific workflows, which are embedded within the EHR. The Core Work Manager and Core Diabetes App securely synchronize clinical workflow, tasks, alerts, notifications and messages to harmonize the care team and create seamless communication across clinicians, using any device, including mobile. With TransformativeMed, clinicians are happier and clinical work is streamlined, more efficient, less costly and safer. For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, contact Sharyl DeWane or visit

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