Transicar.com – Secure Payment Solution For Buying and Selling a Used Car

2021-09-30 12:00:00 - Paris, France - (PR Distribution™)

Transicar offers a new secure and instant payment solution to protect against scams when buying and selling a used car. Transicar is the alternative to a cashier’s check for secure payment between individuals for car transactions.


This web application allows you to send and receive funds for the purchase and sale of a used vehicle securely, quickly and at low cost. 


The Transicar startup was born in end 2017. Its two co-founders, Xavier Demaux and Alexandre Givet, wanted to develop an alternative to the cashier’s check for people selling or buying a used car. 


The cashier’s check is according to them an outdated and too unreliable means of payment since it can be falsified and the risk of fraud cannot be avoided completely. 


Furthermore, once issued, the amount of the cashier’s check can no longer be changed, which does not leave the possibility for the buyer to negotiate the price of the used vehicle in front of the vehicle. 


Without Transicar, all negotiation terms must be discussed and prepared in advance which may be sometimes very hard to reach.

With the Fintech Transicar, the two entrepreneurs achieved their objective since they developed a reliable, secure, accessible and affordable payment application. 


Going to a banking establishment to issue or cash a cashier’s check is not mandatory anymore with Transicar as payment can be managed entirely from your smartphone, with relatively quick payment processing times. 


The service is free for the buyer. The payment amount can be conveniently modified at the very last minute. 


Support service is available 6 days a week. One can even imagine that Fintech Transicar will develop its services for other types of purchases in the future!


Original and innovative, this application has already attracted large companies, it is indeed supported by BNP Paribas and LCL. Transicar is an excellent solution if you want to buy or sell a used car under the best conditions. 

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