TTgo Angel Round Private Sale a Resounding Success – All Allocation Fully Subscribed

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - NEW YORK - (PR Distribution™)

Tian Tian Ventures, LLC (TTV), following its announcement last August, is set to launch the world’s first blockchain integrated ride-hailing platform, TTgo. TTgo utilizes the latest technology inArtificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain in developing the ride-hailing platform and is aimed at solving existing inefficiencies and demand gap in the global ride-hailing industry. 


The TTgo platform features the worlds first Artificial Intelligence (AI) that combines AI, Blockchain and fleet management, three vastly differing technical fields, and seamlessly integrates them to form deep synergies and uncover vast possibilities. The application technology aggregates and gathers relevant data from the users and TTgo platform to provide users with the best experience in the ride-hailing process. The application AI also features deep learning capabilities which will identify patterns and trends and adjusts its algorithms automatically to optimize the entire spectrum of the Tian Tian user experience, a truly pioneering initiative.


Tian Tian Ventures’ application of AI and blockchain technology is also applied to other aspects which include food, transport, housing and clothing, the four essential components of daily lives.AI is used to determine optimal operational strategies while smart contracts on the Ethereum network is used to govern basic transactions, ensuring each process is executed swiftly and securely without the need for third-party intermediaries. As users participate in the chain, they earn rewards in terms of TT Tokens, as compensation for their work done and services provided. Fair, equitable and open distribution of rewards and interests are returned to drivers, passengers, token holders, shareholders and fleet managers.

The Angel Roundprivate sale of TT tokens was intended to allow supporters of the TT campaign to participate in its early development stage, while TTV continue to develop, launch and upgrade new and innovative initiatives in order to promote the circulation of TT tokens in large quantities, deep and extensive use within the TTV ecosystem and to enhance the sustainable value of the token.

Less than three days into 2019, Timothy Grant, co-founder of TTV, was quoted in Reuters(2019/01/04) after the conclusion of the Angel Round private sale, “All our efforts have been rewarded, and every sleepless night was justified.” Grant followed by stating he was pleased to be invited to participate and share in a development exchange seminar held in NewYork earlier in the day.

After three hours of sharing and exchange, Grant revealed that he did not expect to meet several renowned experts in the field of artificial intelligence as well as chairman of global investment firms who expressed their interest and attention to the TTgo project. They had learned ofTTgo’s development during various stages late last year and had been closely following its progress since then, praising its innovative concepts and radical application of deep learning theories in the development of their AI technology. Pascal Younde, research director at Deepdive AI, added, “The overall performance, development potential and future application of TTgo and its underlying platform are highly impressive! We will be looking forward to its release in the coming months.” Reports released at the end of 2018 also indicated that Tian Tian Payment, the payment solutions arm of TTgo, has exceeded its overall target set for 2018.

Timothy also exclaimed: "In fact, I am particularly heartened by today’s response! Our efforts have not gone unnoticed." He then added that the affirmation of their efforts had given them extra motivation and drive to push on with upcoming developments planned for 2019.


The co-founder of TTV then declared, “As the seminar was coming to an end, an executive from a British financial institution approached me and said, “Unlock your mind and free yourself from your surroundings, and technology will bring about beautiful changes to our society.” As everyone stood up for the final toast of the event, she then added, “The main reason for inviting you here today is because 16 of us here have made a unanimous decision to participate in your Angel Round Private Sale as we really believe in this project!”

Timothy Grant commented: "This meant that we are now fully subscribed for our Angel Round, and at $0.68 per token, is the single largest investment made in the funding round.

With the completion of this latest round of financing, we can now proceed with planned developments to further extend the technology behind the TTgo and further our platform in preparation for its full release in the upcoming months!”

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