Turf Feeding Systems will Grow Food, the Economy and Humanity in Yucatan Mexico

2018-12-03 12:05:48 - HOUSTON, TEXAS - (PR Distribution™)

Turf Feeding Systems, a Texas company, is soon starting Monarca Growing Center in rural Yucatan Mexico to grow high value organic produce and also grow the rural economy and humanity.


Monarca will change the Yucatan one hectare and family at a time.

The Yucatan of Mexico was one of the most advanced indigenous cultures of the ancient Americas. Today it has sun, water, labor, but lacks fertile soil and jobs.  Monarca will bring together resources of the Yucatan with the talents of the Mayan people to create Monarca Growing Center in rural Yucatan.

The Monarca Growing Center will be the most advanced High Yield Growing System (HYGS) in Mexico.  It will produce high quality organic produce using new growing technologies and empower the talents and heritage of the local people.  Not as employees, but as team members with a common goal for the production of the highest quality food produced in Mexico.

Michael Chaplinsky, the president of Turf Feeding Systems explains, “This is a unique project, because for the first time in Mexico, it brings together the visionary management of Jack Katz and his staff of scientists, engineers and agronomist who have the passion and experience to create the Monarca HYGS in rural Yucatan.”

Mr. Chaplinsky continues, “High quality organic food is in demand and our HYGS increases production greatly while reducing costs.  This 100% organic system will not use any chemicals or pesticides, which will reduce costs significantly, and will increase production by over 100%.  This cost reduction and increased production will position Monarca at the top of organic food production.”

Jack Katz the CEO for Monarca explains, “We understand the importance of workers becoming team members, like a village soccer team they will work together for project success. I understand the unique balance between economics of the project and the humanity of our team.  Monarca is a business model for rural Mexico I believe in.”

Katz continues, “We will produce high value produce like habanera peppers and other produce like vanilla, dragon fruit and others to separate Monarca from the commodity produce market.  Being certified 100% organic is our most important value.”

Katz concludes, “Monarca will be focused on jobs and education and include a large training / learning center of our team as well as neighboring farmers. We plan to incorporate local growers, who graduate our training program, to become our coop organic growers, which will increase our production and grow out team.”

Katz summarizes, “Monarca is not a government or an NGO project.  It is free enterprise building a profitable operation in a region that has resources, labor and needs jobs.   We are creating an economic magnet to draw in people who what jobs and a better livelihood for their families.   It is not magic, just a project to grow food, jobs and improve the livelihood and economy of rural Yucatan.”


Jack Katz – CEO Monarca – He lives in Cancun, grew up in Mexico City, and studied in the US.

His background is in communication, civil management, waste recycling and waste to energy technology.  He consults with municipal governments on security and business management.

His management team includes engineers, officials from government and management leaders.

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Michael Chaplinsky – President Turf Feeding Systems – He live in Houston Texas.

He has built and operated Turf Feeding Systems  a leading fertigation company for over 35 years.  He is world leader in fertigation, irrigation, plant and soil science has worked on projects worldwide.

His team of scientist, engineers and agronomists are experts in irrigation, plant and soil health.  They have brought together technologies and science to create a High Yield Growing System for Monarca.

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