Unlimited Cellular Offers Unique Trade-in Opportunity to Old Bluetooth Headsets & Portable Speaker Owners

2020-02-06 11:56:26 - United States, New York, Newburgh - (PR Distribution™)

Newburgh NY 12551, February 5th, 2020 - Unlimited Cellular, the trusted source of mobile accessories for over twenty years has come up with an irresistible offer for people to cash in on their old Bluetooth headsets and portable speakers. All that one needs to do is to trade in these and receive a payout that is much higher than what is offered by other retailers. What’s more, the offer applies to all brands and models regardless of the condition they are in.


The way to go about this is to log into the Trade-in Unlimited Cellular website and search for the old Bluetooth headset or portable speaker that one hopes to trade in, answer a few simple questions and obtain a quote. The next step involves shipping the concerned accessory using a free shipping label provided by the company. Once the company has received and checked the accessory you become eligible to receive your Unlimited Cellular.com Gift Card.


The monetary value accrued on the gift card is known as UC Cash and can be redeemed against the latest range of Bluetooth headsets and speakers available with Unlimited Cellular. Says the founder of Unlimited Cellular, Mendel Mendelovits, “Our motivation in making this offer was two-fold. Firstly, we wanted to help people have access to the best accessories at prices they can easily afford. Those who were now thinking of retiring their old and broken accessories like Bluetooth headsets and portable speakers could now actually cash in on them and buy the latest accessories at bargain prices. Secondly, as responsible members of the CE industry, we wanted to do our bit for the ecology, by ensuring that old accessories didn’t end up as electronic waste in some dump yard, by way of our unique trade-in offer.”


Anybody who doesn’t quite know what to do with their old and discarded accessories lying unattended in their home or office can now get them recycled for a profit by approaching Unlimited Cellular. Recycling is a much-needed course of action as electronic waste has grown to alarming levels, thereby negatively impacting the environment in a major way. According to the Bluetooth SIG, “Over 1 BILLION New Bluetooth devices enter the market each year” surely leading to hundreds of millions of older headsets and speakers thrown out and ending up in landfills or improperly recycled. Apart from making an environmentally sound choice, they would be able to upgrade their old-tech headsets and speakers with new-tech ones. That this offer is liable to be lapped up by old phone accessory owners is evident from the very nature of this generous scheme. Besides, the range of top-notch Bluetooth headsets and speakers that they can pick up at much- lower- than- market prices with the help of UC Cash is nothing short of a steal.


About Unlimited Cellular

Unlimited Cellular provides high-quality products at great pricing. Their products are not refurbished unless otherwise notified. With over 25000 items including phone cases, Bluetooth headsets, antennas and more, they have something for everyone. Apart from cell phone accessories, they also offer an assortment of accessories for cameras, camcorders, GPS products, computer accessories and so on.


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