UpFit Training Academy makes lasting change in the NYC community with their Sustainability Challenge

2021-09-28 21:50:40 - New York City, New York, United States - (PR Distribution™)

[New York, NY]: UpFit Training Academy had remarkable success with its Sustainability Challenge. This challenge succeeded in its goal - to help members maintain their results from the previous 6 week challenge. It’s easy for people to get results in the gym, but it’s hard to keep those results long-term. 


A 58 year-old UpFit member, Rick, lost 4% body fat in six weeks. “What I loved about UpFit is that you guys make it physically challenging, but you also are very supportive!” said Rick.


Another NYC resident, Charlyn, is down 6% body fat- with 3% lost in the past six week challenge. “I’ll definitely do another challenge!” says Charlyn.


In teams of two, UpFit Members trained for 3 months to keep their results from the previous 6 week challenge. Participants were measured by attendance, progress maintained, lowered body fat percentage, increased lean mass, and performance challenges. The top three teams were rewarded with a boost: an extra day of training for thirteen weeks. 


UpFit Training Academy strives to help members become independent and ultimately be their own agent of change. The Sustainability Challenge works towards that mission. Participants were given the motivation, support, and technical knowledge to maintain their own health. 


Team training played a large role in the success of the Sustainability Challenge. UpFit Training Academy uses small group personal training to increase accountability and support. Small groups of four people or less allow coaches to give individual attention while still fostering community. 


Westley Chow, owner and co-founder at UpFit Training Academy says, “Our fitness community is one strong family. We get results through support and friendly competition. UpFit makes training fun in the Manhattan area.” 


Learn more about UpFit Training Academy, Google’s highest rated Small Group Personal Training Studio in Midtown Manhattan at https://upfitacademy.com 

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