Use Cheap Press Release Distribution to Boost Dangerous New Product Sales

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Many companies release new, dangerously competitive products in established markets. Their products are a threat to the market because they're priced lower and are similar or higher in quality than leading brands'. Customer reception is great and they even sometimes come from the same manufacturers! But they just don't move volume and these companies struggle for profitability. Why? Because they lack the household brand name.

Does your company have a potentially market-changing product that isn't selling? There are many ways to build brand awareness through traditional or digital marketing, but they can be slow. Cheap press release services like PR Distribution are the best way to quickly establish a household name and break into competitive, established commodity markets. For a cost of only $69, product information goes out to over 250 media outlets across multiple industries and audiences. Seeing your company name associated with credible media brands is a great way to build trust and authority.

Of course, it's not as simple as simply blanketing media outlets with product information. If you get the wrong message out, or you give the wrong audience with the right message, it can actually harm your brand. PR Distribution has writing services that can make sure the right message gets out. Whether you are B2B or B2C, we have a deep pool of PR talent that writes accurate and engaging content for your needs. Our writers put in research to create messaging that speaks to relevant industry or consumer pains.

In terms of value per cost, PR Distribution is the best in the industry. Don't believe us? Read this comparison article backed by other PR companies' published data. And compare their listed services to PR Distribution's pricing plans to make the most informed choice.

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