Vacuum Pump Cannabis Distillation: CBD Oil Production

2020-09-25 16:44:21 - United States, California, Anaheim - (PR Distribution™)

Cannabis Distillation is a technique used for CBD oil production where a distillate compound travels a short distance at reduced pressure and increased temperature in order to separate the liquids into different compounds. Within the cannabis industry, whether you are trying to extract CBD oil or THC, Short-path distillation allows different components to be fractioned off from the crude cannabis oil which has already been extracted from a cannabis plant. 

Vacuum pumps are used on short-path distillation systems to allow cannabis compounds such as CBD to reach purity levels over 80%. The untreated cannabis oils are heated to a specific temperature where the compound evaporates and the CBD oil which rises to the top of the short-path distillation system.

By using an industrial vacuum pump to reduce the pressure during the distillation taking place, the liquid mixture will be separated into different compounds. Industrial vacuum pumps pull at different pressures thus separating the mixture into compounds of different chemistries. 

There are a few different vacuum pumps that allow cannabis distillation for CBD production such as, rotary vane vacuum pumps, diaphragm vacuum pumps, and dry screw vacuum pumps. Without the proper distillation equipment such as one of the vacuum pumps listed above, a system would require extremely high temperatures and extensive time to complete the process. These types of pumps have the specific power to pull a deep enough vacuum to separate the untreated cannabis oil into the two various different compounds creating CBD oil production.

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