Van Dam: I Will Support Impeaching Biden

2021-09-24 19:42:44 - SOMERSET/KY

Kentucky 5th district congressional candidate Richard Van Dam pledges to support impeaching Biden if elected.


Today Dr. Richard Van Dam, Republican Congressional candidate for Kentucky’s Fifth District stated he supports efforts to that he supports to impeach Joe Biden for not securing the border, for the way U.S. troops were removed from Afghanistan and for seeking to impose a ban on evictions even when he said it might not pass constitutional muster.  Dr. Van Dam said when elected to Congress he will vote to impeach Biden based upon these reasons.   Republican Congressmen Bob Gibbs (OH), Andy Biggs (AZ), Brian Babin (TX), and Randy Weber (TX) filed the articles of impeachment against Joe Biden today.


“Joe Biden has clearly violated his Constitutional oath and responsibilities,” said Dr. Richard Van Dam.  “He has endangered the United States through failing to secure our borders, as is witnessed daily on the news.  His withdrawal in Afghanistan has made the nation a safe haven for terrorists once again, with the blood of thirteen service men and women on his hands.  He has knowingly defied the Supreme Court and violated the Constitution with its eviction moratorium.”


“Joe Biden is what the founders had in mind when they set up the impeachment process,” concluded Van Dam.  “When I am in Congress, I will join in this effort to impeach Joe Biden.  I do not take impeachment lightly nor is this a partisan issue.  It is about safeguarding American lives and upholding the Constitution.”  


Background of Dr. Rich Van Dam

Dr. Richard Van Dam is a proud Kentuckian, Republican, Christian, Husband, Father, Physician, teacher, and leader in our Community.


As a conservative Congressman, we can count on Dr. Rich Van Dam to:

• Hold the line against taxes

• Support term limits to clean up Congress

• Protect our Constitutional Rights

• Stop the socialist agenda

• Protect life

• Secure our borders


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