Vault Innovation Venture Studio Seeks New Startup Ideas to Build

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - - (PR Distribution™)

Vault Innovation is looking to partner with founders that have ideas after the success of its portfolio company, LeafTrade, which raised 4.5 million dollars.

LeafTrade connects dispensaries with cultivators to purchase cannabis products. LeafTrade’s platform resolves those issues by making order fulfillment digital and streamlined. On the LeafTrade platform, buyers can easily place orders and sellers can easily manage order fulfillment, without the need for back-and-forth communication across numerous disparate channels. The platform also provides vendors with analytics to help them grow their business.

Vault Innovation partnered with LeafTrade to help them develop the software for the go-to-market product, design the user interface and experience and help transition the product to an in house development team.

Vault Innovation helps founders and established companies reduce the friction in launching a go-to-market product. Launching a successful product and acquiring users can be tough unless you have the experience. “Getting it wrong the first time around can be costly and not all companies get a second chance with their customers,” says Vault Founder Jeff Dirrenberger. The venture studio aims to reach founders and companies with innovative ideas that need a partner to create a world-class product. 

Some of Vault’s latest companies beyond LeafTrade are TFL Living, a full-service wellness amenity company providing services to a variety of residential and corporate locations, NextMe, a waitlist and a queue management app, and GamerzArena, a competitive esports gaming tournament platform. 

Vault Innovation is industry agnostic and seeks companies that are launching products that have the ability to transform or improve their respective industries. When choosing companies to partner with, Vault prioritizes partners with industry experience since they understand their target market and customers.

About Vault Innovation: 

Headquartered in Chicago with offices in Missouri and California, Vault Innovation is a venture studio designed for companies wanting to build high-impact software. We partner with startups and established companies to provide world-class business and technology solutions that fit our clients’ needs. We’ve been helping companies since 2012. To Learn More contact [email protected] and visit

About LeafTrade:

Headquartered in Chicago, Leaf Trade is a technology company whose wholesale ordering platform connects licensed cannabis vendors and dispensaries. Using the features on Leaf Trade’s platform, vendors can streamline all order fulfillment processes, increase sales through custom storefronts, and generate powerful reports and analytics. Dispensaries can leverage Leaf Trade’s tools to discover trending products through its data-driven shopping process, easily request samples and marketing materials, and manage orders from their customers from start to finish. To learn more about Leaf Trade, visit or follow @leaf_trade on Twitter

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