Vella Challenges Women to Prioritize Sexual Health in 2022

2022-01-14 19:26:10 - New York NY, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Sexual wellness brand Vella wants women to ring in better sex for 2022. To help, the creator and manufacturer of Vella pleasure serum, developed by the scientist whose research led to the development of Viagra, has launched a sex life challenge to help make coming, come easier.


In an Instagram campaign running through January created by media marketing agency Acadia, Vella is showing how women can prioritize their pleasure by taking part in a nine-point bingo card game that suggests ways to spice up the action. #LeVellaUp bingo suggestions include trying a new position, an evening of oral only, and trying a new sex toy.


“We are bringing insights from our advisors on relationships and sex to our consumers and giving them ideas that help them focus on having more and better sex,” explained Bulbul Hooda, CMO of Vella. “We think this fun and pleasurable call to action will help normalize sexual pleasure for women.”


Throughout the month of January, Vella’s Instagram feed will offer up two weekly sex challenges and urge women to share their journey through their Instagram stories and feeds. Anyone who comments on or shares a post in their feed with the hashtag #LeVellaUp automatically enters a contest for free samples of the product. 


To bolster and extend the effort, Acadia will launch an influencer campaign at the end of January. Influencers will lead into Valentine’s and other initiatives as Vella capitalizes on calendar events that celebrate women, romance and freedom. 


“Instagram generates widespread consumer engagement for many kinds of health and wellness challenges, so it’s a natural for #LeVellaUp,” said Paula Ersly, head of social media at Acadia. “We can establish Vella as the voice of women owning our sexuality by consistently recommending new experiences.”


Vella encourages a woman’s arousal by focusing on the smooth muscle that both sexes share. The serum is a pure nano-encapsulated CBD molecule that is applied to a woman’s inner labia and clitoris where it works to relax the smooth muscle tissue and increase bloodflow. The direct delivery of the serum encourages arousal and orgasm. Based on a study of women ages 23-75, 9 in 10 reported an improvement in orgasm.


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