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2022-07-22 18:00:00 - Overland Park, Kansas, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Vehicles are a means of transportation and come in different shapes and sizes. Whether you have a high-end exotic car, luxury SUV or an economy sedan, Veritas Global Protection has a vehicle service contract that can match your coverage needs. 

Consumers are only required to visit the company's website and go through the various vehicle protection plans before deciding. 

Veritas Global Protection offers vehicle service contracts in over 20 countries and four continents. This includes North America, South America, and Europe, among others. The company has been growing fast due to its commitment to customer service and its innovative products. 

Why Buy a Vehicle Service Contract?

A vehicle protection plan is designed to fill coverage gaps. If the manufacturer warranty on your vehicle has expired, you can purchase a vehicle protection plan from Veritas Global Protection to fill the coverage gap. 

Similarly, if you have a valid manufacturer warranty that does not offer bumper-to-bumper coverage, you can purchase a vehicle service contract to fill the coverage gap. 

Benefits of Having a Vehicle Protection Plan

Free Roadside Assistance

Veritas Global Protection offers free roadside assistance with all their plans. If your vehicle malfunctions while driving, you just need to call the company for assistance.

A team will be dispatched to your location to fix the problem on-site or to tow the vehicle to a nearby repair shop for repairs. This will make your life easier. 

Bonus Car Hire Service

When your vehicle is expected to take several hours or a few days to fix, Veritas will provide you with an alternative car. 

Therefore, you can move around conveniently at no extra cost. The company will pick up the tab. 

Use Your Preferred Auto Repair Shop

Most vehicle service contracts industry firms have a limited number of partners. Therefore, clients are usually forced to go to repair shops they are neither familiar nor comfortable with. 

In a bid to improve customer service and customer satisfaction, Veritas Global Protection is constantly updating its list of partners, so you will be able to take your faulty vehicle to your trusted mechanic. This can give you peace of mind. 

Customized Plans

The needs of consumers usually differ significantly. Some people can afford to spend more than others, while some consumers may not require coverage for specific components.

Fortunately, the company offers vehicle service contracts customized to suit all its customers' individual needs. Veritas can accommodate your needs if you need a plan that fits your budget. 

Nationwide Coverage

With Veritas Global Protection, drivers can have peace of mind while driving around the country or across borders. Veritas has an extensive network of partners, so the company offers nationwide coverage. 

Whether you have an exotic car, affordable vehicle, RV, motorcycle, scooter, electric vehicle, personal watercraft, domestic car, or travel trailer, Veritas has a vehicle protection plan to match your needs.

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