Vestel Visual Solutions’ Digital Signage Displays Now Support the NoviSign Digital Signage Software

2022-12-21 18:00:00 - Ankara, Turkey - (PR Distribution™)

The NoviSign Digital Signage App is now available for all Vestel Commercial Grade Digital Signage Displays, an announcement by NoviSign Digital Signage, the leader and pioneer of Digital Signage. Once set up, NoviSigns' cloud-based digital signage software can produce and manage the content displayed on Vestel's Digital Signage displays. From simple slideshows with scrolling tickers to multi-location corporate communications, NoviSign can be used to set up engaging and dynamic content, schedule media times to play, and remotely monitor your Vestel's screens.

The brightness of Vestel digital signage displays ranges from 350 nits to 1000 nits, and the haze can be adjusted from 3% to 28%. The screens range in size from 32 inches to 98 inches. There is no longer any need for additional external players because of the SoC's superior performance. Vestel also offers excellent video playback and device management features.

"When paired with NoviSign, you have a total all-in-one digital signage solution that is flexible, easy to manage, and scalable," said Chad Bogan from NoviSign. "Vestel's line-up of digital signage displays eliminate the need for external players allowing for easier installations and superior content management."

According to Barış Ökesli, Vestel Deputy General Manager of Product Management, “It is very important for us to have powerful software partners like NoviSign in many regions. Because we believe in partnerships and the value of localization. NoviSigns' cloud-based digital signage software will ease to show the content and impress people with the shining picture of Vestel Digital Signage displays.”

Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software

NoviSign's web-based free-form design Studio provides users with more than 30 drag-and-drop widgets and more than 200 fully customizable templates, allowing for remote content development, editing, and management. Users can quickly design interactive, eye-catching, and media-rich multi-zone content layouts. The features of NoviSign include the following:

  • Display Live Social Media feeds from Instagram and Twitter
  • Stream YouTube and Ustream videos
  • Insert slideshows, HD photos, and slideshows 
  • Include scrolling RSS feeds, custom tickers, and weather updates 
  • Make wayfinding directories for touchscreen displays
  • Create advanced playlists with a start, expire, and recurring schedule playlists
  • Monitor the display and player status from afar and generate detailed proof-of-play reports

About Vestel

Comprised of 24 companies, Vestel Group is a multi-industry manufacturer that operates in the areas of consumer electronics, home appliances, professional displays, LED lighting, and EV Chargers. Testimony to the global importance of Zorlu Holding across multiple technology sectors, Vestel is not only thriving at home in Turkey, but also through a further 13 subsidiaries that have been set up in various other parts of the world. Thanks to its renowned manufacturing and R&D complex, Vestel exports to 158 countries and keeps its position as a global player. Vestel City is one of Europe’s largest manufacturing facilities with 1.3 million sqm closed production area. Engineers and R&D staff, scientists, and 20,150 employees help spin the wheels at these massive factories. Under this immense scale of Vestel City, fast collaboration and strong cohesion between both groups show a complete picture of the end-to-end production line which is the result of holistic understanding of Vestel. Vestel is well-positioned for the future with its stunning scale of production capacity, sophisticated design and innovation, high product quality, and superior market share growth.

About NoviSign

Over 50,000 screens, satisfied customers on five continents can attest to the effectiveness of NoviSign's assistance in rolling out interactive digital signage. The likes of Disney, Ikea, Dole, Home Depot, NASA, Nokia, Ferrari, Papa John's Pizza, and more are among NoviSign's satisfied customers. NoviSign is a digital signage software firm with headquarters outside Tel Aviv, Israel, with regional sales offices in Portugal, Japan, France, Germany, and the United States.

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