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Mia Mason, a twenty-year U.S. Military veteran, human rights advocate, and transgender woman, is leading the Democrats in Maryland for the upcoming election. While she was honorably discharged from the military on the basis of her gender identity, she continues the fight for freedom and equality for all Americans, aspiring to represent the people of Maryland.

The Congressional candidate has been campaigning for improvements to Education, Infrastructure, and Healthcare, among other important community facilities. She is particularly involved with civil rights advocacy and has been active with volunteer community organizations since 2016. Mason asserts that her vision is an improvement to all citizens, especially through the future legalization of the Equal Rights Act, legislation aimed at protecting people from legal discrimination regardless of their characteristics.

Mason was against the Trump administration that issued a military ban for transgender people. Mason, despite her twenty-year service, was discriminated against on the basis of her identity prior to the policies changing. This anti-discrimination policy as one of the key driving forces of her campaign to seek a resolve for the hundreds of thousands affected in all communities.

 Mia Mason emphasizes her commitment to the people of Maryland, in her community approach to politics. She is particularly focused on improving education, protecting the environment, and ensuring accessible healthcare for all. The motivation behind this focus is to invest in existing local talent, resources, and potential for the good of the community. Mason is committed to freedom and equality for all Americans, hoping to represent Maryland's diverse State, especially as COVID19 detriments the community and livelihoods of Maryland.

Mason has been campaigning throughout the COVID19 pandemic, focusing on the impact the virus has had on the locality. “…I am vastly concerned about our Marylanders losing their jobs…we must provide [the] means for our residents to keep their land and legacy within Maryland.” With the Census indicating that those in Maryland experiencing the highest rates of poverty are women, Mason is dedicated to creating employment outcomes that are equitable and accessible. She believes in sustaining employers in the region and assisting them with incentives which will ensure job security, scalable economic outcomes, and will foster new opportunities for the Eastern Shore.

 With the COVID19 pandemic disrupting the local economy, Mia Mason also considers healthcare to be a priority. The spending per capita of Marylanders on health care has increased, according to the latest Census. Mason believes that healthcare is the fundamental human right of all Americans and prioritizes affordability. She says her goal is to ensure that the health care system is beneficial to all Marylanders and that no pre-existing condition should disqualify anyone from accessing the care they need. Mason is also in support of the CARE Act, designed to for the COVID crisis within an epidemic framework, providing resources to begin treating the public health crisis. When Marylanders are confident in their health and livelihood, stronger communities can grow, Mason explains.

Finally, Congressional candidate Mason believes in and supports the Equality Act. Maryland is home to diverse communities, including the marginalized and Mason herself belongs to some of these communities, as a woman, and a transgender person. Her work with community advocacy organizations is an example of her ability to collaborate with the community and demonstrate leadership for an honorable cause.

Mason is concerned that the Incumbent Republican Party “…[has a] voting history against these issues above, [namely] votes against women in Maryland…against our Veterans, and … against equity and equality for LGBTQIA+ Candidates like myself.” Mason is running against the incumbent republican Andrew Harris.

Mason wants to hear from you, the Maryland community on what is needed in your State, and your community. To contact her, please call her office on (410) 94-MASON, or visit her website, https://miadmason.us/

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