Viper Drones Announces Recommended Professional Drones For Commercial UAV Pilots in 2019

2019-04-09 12:42:22 - BIRMINGHAM, AL, UNITED STATES - (PR Distribution™)

Viper Drones today announced its 2019 list of recommended professional drones for commercial UAV pilots.

On the list of Best Professional Drones for 2019 are:

DJI Matrice 210 RTK and

DJI 600 Pro

Elistair Orion Tethered Drone

Flyability Elios

Freefly ALTA 8

Intel Falcon 8+

Intel Sirius, and

Sensefly eBee X.

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Viper Drones is a Leading Drone Systems Integrator and Services company, helping commercial drone operators and the agriculture, construction, oil and gas industry, manufacturing, building, utility and industrial inspections; spraying; surveillance; and surveys market, including farm owners, design and construction firms, and gas & energy companies, to use aerial solutions that will save lives, time and expense..

Brad Nichols, Vice President of Technology at Viper Drones says: "When we first created the list in 2017, commercial operators  were limited to building their operations around consumer drones . Today, we are pleased to see that there are a much wider selection of professional drones better suited to the unique needs of these commercial operators. Our new list reflects the changing technology landscape for drones ".

The value of the rapidly growing commerical drone market  is estimated to be over $23Billion by Goldman Sachs. The market which has historically been limited by regulations and technology is seeing some acceleration as the regulators move rapidly  to approve new innovative services and as technology providers have begun to deliver solutions tailored to the commercial drone operators.

Tom McKeefery, General Manager of Viper Drones says: "Commercial drone operations require a unique balance of durability, flexibility, precision, reliability, supportability and all at lower lifecycle operating costs.  With these drones as a starting point, enterprises or commercial drone operators can partner with a system integrator to build an effective drone service platform."

The complete list of recommended Professional Drones for Commercial UAV Pilots in 2019, and more details behind their selection can be found online at:

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