Virtual Reality Entertainment Services Startup Brings VR to Universities

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - NEW ORLEANS, LA - (PR Distribution™)

Maverick VR, the nationwide leader in customized Virtual Reality events services, whose clientele includes Microsoft, Macy’s, and Red Bull, has started providing universities and colleges across the country with Virtual Reality booths. In just the past month, Maverick VR has partnered with several institutions of higher learning, including the University of Maryland, Colorado State University, and Tulane University. While Maverick VR specializes in enhancing conferences and trade shows with customized and branded Virtual Reality booths, universities have also recognized the benefits of incorporating Virtual Reality booths into their sponsored events. 

University Student Affairs and Event Departments curate events with a set of specific goals: to create an atmosphere for students that reduces stress, to integrate students into the intellectual and cultural climate of the institution, and to make students excited about their decision to attend the university. These departments have identified Virtual Reality as an activity that achieves each of these objectives. By exposing students to Virtual Reality, a university informs its students that the school has its finger on the pulse of emerging and innovative technologies, while simultaneously offering students an exciting and engaging immersion into that technology. Students’ experience with this new medium may even lead them to consider new academic and career paths. 

“This was awesome,” said one Computer Science professor after experiencing Virtual Reality at Maverick VR’s booths. “Something this fun might encourage someone to pursue a Computer Science degree”.

Maverick VR’s Virtual Reality engagement services provide thrills for both the VR users as well as the crowd that they draw in. This unique feature of VR technology sparks smiles and interaction among onlookers, which can be especially beneficial for university Student Affairs and Event Departments looking to produce events that encourage socialization amongst underclassmen. 

The versatility of Virtual Reality makes it an ideal addition to any event, whether that’s at a trade show, conference, or on a University’s campus. Virtual Reality booths consistently and dramatically enhance the experience of an event’s attendees and will leave guests talking about their experience in Virtual Reality long after they take off the VR headset.



Maverick VR is the nationwide leader in customized Virtual Reality events for conventions, conferences, trade shows and private events. Over 100+ companies have entrusted to Maverick VR to take their corporate event to the next level with incredible Virtual Reality immersions. Maverick VR enables its clients to maximize their return on events by increasing guest engagement through unforgettable brand activations. Maverick VR can be reached for more information on its website,, and by email at [email protected]

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