vLex Justis launches the world’s largest collections of legal information on one intelligent platform

2020-03-23 16:36:07 - United Kingdom, London - (PR Distribution™)

LONDON, March 2020 - Featuring the largest global collection of legal information, with more than 120 million documents from over 130 jurisdictions, together with easy-to-use, industry-leading AI-powered search and discovery technology; vLex Justis will set a new standard for legal research. 

vLex Justis,the most powerful platform that has ever been built, supports the research needs of over 6,500 global organisations that choose to use vLex services. 

The new platform, which officially launched in March 2020, combines a wide range of legal information - from both common and civil law jurisdictions - with intelligent tools to create a best-in-class global legal research platform. These include case law, legislation, regulations, digests, draft bills, forms and contracts, law reports, legal blogs, official gazettes, books, journals, newspapers, court dockets, and more. Unlike traditional databases, vLex Justis also indexes content from over 100 external databases, making this new service an ideal starting point for comprehensive legal research. 


Masoud Gerami, Managing Director of vLex Justis, shared his excitement at the launch:

We’re very proud to introduce vLex Justis to an industry which has demanded more from its solution providers. By offering a truly global range of legal information on one platform, and introducing AI-powered tools and features which support efficient and accurate use of such large collections, we believe that we have reached a landmark in this industry’s journey. This achievement has been the result of bringing together the contents, technologies and the knowledge and skill from vLex and Justis, and this is the first step in bringing about a significant change in the field of legal information research.”

Global coverage on an unprecedented scale

The vast collection of material on vLex Justis is unlike any other. It has been developed over 30 years, and through local and international partnerships with organisations such as CariLaw of the University of the West Indies, the Irish Council of Law Reporting, The Law Leader of New Zealand, LexBlog and JD Supra, as well as a recently announced partnership with the American Bar Association. Further partnerships are planned throughout 2020. 

Featured collections available on this new service include the largest collections from UK superior courts, Irish courts, all Caribbean courts, Latin American and Spanish courts, alongside comprehensive coverage from the United States, Canada, continental Europe, Australia, and coming soon, southeast Asia.

Intuitive AI-powered research 

The two differentiating factors between vLex Justis and other legal research solutions are the wealth of exclusive content and its intelligent technology, which provides speed, accuracy and efficiency when searching. 

Graphical visualisation of case law relationships and treatments, tools that help to pin-point the most important sections of a judgment quickly, and intuitive search functionalities, are key features of vLex Justis. These are complemented by a series of other exclusive features, including Vincent, an AI-powered legal research assistant.

Vincent takes a different approach to searching. Using a drag-and-drop interface you can discover important and related information, not always possible through traditional search methods.  Only vLex Justis has the volume and depth of content needed to power such an intelligent tool, making Vincent an unparalleled legal research assistant. The launch of vLex Justis makes Vincent available outside of North and Latin America for the first time.

Free trials of vLex Justis available in March and April

Free trials for vLex Justis are currently being offered throughout March and April. To learn more about the new service, book a demonstration, or to request a free trial, please visit:


About vLex Justis

vLex Justis provides access to an exclusive, up-to-date and comprehensive collection of legal information from over 130 jurisdictions. Founded over 30 years ago, vLex Justis continues to support thousands of lawyers, law firms, government departments and law schools around the world. Today, vLex Justis, along with their parent company, vLex, is known for developing technology to disseminate legal information on a global scale, with a team of over 170 lawyers, engineers and editorial experts based in offices around the world who are continually striving to provide up-to-date legal information and industry-leading AI-powered legal technology. 

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