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“María Fernanda Leaño Aceves and Gonzalo Leaño Reyes as The Mexican republic and Guadalajara to“ Vote ”for“ La Malinche ”in an art campaign with social commitment.  Taking Patria Avenue and the historic center in Guadalajara as a canvas.  Like some areas of the Federal District. " and creating a social cause campaign to have people vote in the elections on June 6th in Mexico. 

 A few days before the election, the city of Guadalajara and Zapopan and some areas of the Federal District are questioning the What does “Vote for La Malinche” mean accompanied by a “Dis-Trust”?  Which can be seen over an area of ??high flow in avenida patria.

 Does a new party seem like the case?  It couldn't be so close to the elections, could it? The fact is that it draws the attention of the viewer.

Yes, distrust, said the artist María Fernanda Leaño reiterates.  Do not go trusting anyone, or repeating stories that others tell you.  Investigate well, what is behind the election, the parties and each candidate.  Vote on information, not misinformation.  I also want to encourage my son Alef to get involved and not just complain about those who make up government positions.

It occurred to me and my dad to create an art campaign with a journalistic touch and a social and political message.  The idea is that people get involved in the election in a more dynamic and "non-aggressive" way.  There is a lot of hostility in the environment, that is never good.  Thus we managed to create this dynamic ... white, peace color, with a message of union in the circle;  He says: We are United Mexicans, instead of states ... I will talk to you.  A little more in depth.  La Malinche affirms.

The businessman, developer, and journalist Gonzalo Leaño Reyes together with his daughter, the journalist and artist María Fernanda Leaño, invite you to vote this June 6 with a dynamic campaign in socio-political art "Do it for Malinche" says the artist  .  Dis-trust.  It is interpreted like this: Ignorance is your enemy, learn to know how to trust.  Message promoted by Don Gonzalo father of María Fernanda, which invites the city to vote for the party and candidate that most benefit our society, and that citizens participate actively in conjunction with the legislatures and elected politicians to create the  Jalisco that we seek to have, as well as how to work for a better Mexico, by getting involved and not just complaining, let us remember Don Gonzalo emphasizes;  To achieve a majority in the Chamber of Deputies, the only useful vote is the one that allows us to win more majority districts.  And thus not allow it to control there some kind of mismanagement.

Malinche for president!  (They both laugh, Father and daughter. Accompanied by the artist's baby, who from his short months of age already participates in political issues.)

Mexico  is hours away from the controversial elections.  In the midst of this issue, it is known that at the national level there has been controversy in Jalisco, mixed with hostility due to the lack of water in the city of Guadalajara, people hire "pipes" of more than 2,000 pesos, or they must bathe with buckets  and stand in line in the dregs of your community.  What has caused panic and anger, there is drought, fires, insecurity and fear.

 Who will better handle this crisis?

Therefore, the mexican country and the city of Guadalajara are in the middle of a dilemma during the voting!  People vote for parties and not for the candidate, in Jalisco, the famous useful vote is being seen as a way to punish the enemy instead of actually studying each proposal with a name and surname.  The word of mouth campaign that some parties have created which consists of repeating verbatim: As long as “blah blah” does not win, vote for “blah”, moreover, “blah” should make sure that the problems mentioned above are  handled with urgency, so that argument is something that falls into ignorance.  Let us know the initiatives of each party, each candidate and each position.  You have to know who we are going to vote for and why.  You have to know what we are talking about;  How it affects or benefits your community, district, city, municipality or state, and who is behind each party, we must not generalize, nor be naive.

 VOTE FOR MALINCHE.  It is a statement in which you are invited to vote.  Do it for me, says the controversial artist.  In a lively sticker campaign in the historic center of GDL and huge canvases on patria avenue on his property in the central part of the most important avenue in Zapopan, which is located between the Autonomous University of Guadalajara and Andares.  It is also a campaign on networks @malincheart (it specializes in digital art as we already know.

 You can see the distinctive "Eye" of La Malinche within a circle with the seal of Mexico, the snake being eaten by an eagle, plus the circle forms a snake devouring "itself" as well as corruption and vipers, are  self-consume, the country will resurface, if each one of us presents initiatives so that people wake up and get informed.  La Malinche affirms along with her father Don Gonzalo Leaño.  Who participated in the campaign in the form of art inciting the vote.  Active citizen participation on government activities and information and activation of societies to find a way to integrate citizens with governments.  In addition, this campaign style art uses the color white, as a symbol of the peace flag.  Hoping that with this election insecurity will decrease and that the disputes between the people and the government will become initiatives and teamwork.

The congress is a key piece in the elections, perhaps the most key piece, you have to inform yourself, not just talk for the sake of talking.  This type of campaign, of socio-political art, is excellent for opening the picture and prompting people's minds to ask questions.  Unfortunately, in a country with the poverty levels that Mexico has, the vote is not only to cross out the ballot, but for many it represents the possibility of obtaining something in return from the candidate or the government.  There are those who want to remain in ignorance.  Because knowing represents work.

 Malinche Art

The artist María Fernanda Leaño Aceves is known for conducting socio-political art campaigns around the world covering topics of high interest which are usually accompanied by exact timing exalting some event that is happening at the moment, as today are the  elections.  "Everyone talks about the elections in Mexico and Jalisco, Malinche should also cover the issue."

María Fernanda Leaño Aceves lives between Mexico and New York, has exhibited in London, The Big Apple, Switzerland, and other European countries in performance art and multi-media, she specializes in art with a cause, such as international racial union, integration  of Mexicans within the various ethnic groups and internal cultures, and support for women to avoid gender violence.  @malincheart is a multidisciplinary arts platform that highlights digital art and campaigns focused on issues that bring the world down.

La Malinche is from Guadalajara, granddaughter of Don Antonio Alvares Del Castillo, who became immortalized by becoming the founder of the first private university in the country, and dedicated his life to promoting national education and the importation of foreign students to Guadalajara, he was also the  real estate developer who affirmed that patria avenue would become the area with the highest capital gain, betting on buying the entire area so that years later and in his absence we will have the Andares, Landmark, Puerta de Hierro, and surroundings area, that leader.  My grandfather is my inspiration to leave a mark in this world, says the artist.

Go out to vote!  This June 6.  Do it for La Malinche.  It is the message that will circulate to the more than 300 thousand followers of @malincheart in social media  and on Patria Avenue, as well as on stickers all over the Mexican country.

Your vote is essential.  Do it wisely.  And above all with as much information as possible.  Let's use the useful vote to exercise your vote in a reasoned way and achieve a balance in the Federal Chamber of Deputies in the next election on June 6 in Mexico. 

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