Voxel ARPG Isles of Etherion Early Access Release Date Set for September 29

2022-09-24 19:00:00 - San Diego, California, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Luna Orion Studio has announced that its new 3rd-person open-world Voxel ARPG Isles of Etherion will release in early access on September 29th, 2022 on PC via Steam. Isles of Etherion is a unique blend of Diablo-like combat and Final Fantasy-like world, featuring airships, floating islands, dungeons, spell weaving and 100% destructible environment. 

IoE is an ambitious game made by a solo developer in 5 years. The developer has also released the launch date reveal trailer for Isles of Etherion which you can check out on Youtube.

Isles of Etherion has 7 playable races, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, 3 of which have innate flying abilities. The game is set in a shattered world of floating islands governed by warring elemental powers. 

As you explore the Isles, you acquire powerful spells from monsters, weave spells of different elements to generate a variety of effects, dig tunnels to find hidden treasures, learn ancient recipes to craft powerful items, commandeer airships to add to your own fleet, tame various mounts, and battle powerful enemies. 

If you are interested in checking out Isles of Etherion when it launches, you can add the game to your Wishlist now on Steam.

Key Features:

Floating Islands -- The shattered world consists of hundreds of floating islands. They have a variety of biomes and are governed by different elements.

Fully destructible environment -- Explore a world in which everything, including terrain and structure, is dynamically destructible by players, monsters, or natural happenstances.

Voxel Combat & Spell Weaving -- Voxel environment can be altered to your advantage during combat. IoE not only offers a variety of spells but the possibility to combine spells of different elements to achieve different effects!

Airships & Airship Combat -- Traverse the isles with your own airship, which could be acquired through purchase or battle.

Elementally attuned Cause and Effect -- Everything is elementally attuned. Casting spells of a particular element will modify the environment and monster spawning profile in favor of that element. So your every action has the possibility of changing your subsequent gameplay experience!

Dynamic Seasons -- Seasons change dynamically in front of your eyes. Like the day/night cycle, seasons add another layer of complexity to gameplay dynamics and strategy.

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